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5 Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces - Likeitgirl

5 Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Commercial buildings are undergoing a constant change. They need to be designed in a way that allows those who work in them to go about their business in the most comfortable and the most productive way possible. This is much harder to do than you might think, because there are a lot of things to factor in, especially for large and complicated businesses.

An office that wants to attract millennials and those who are used to working from home needs to have enough space for breaks and for entertainment. This creates the need for working spaces to be more casual and edgier in their design at the same time.

A flexible space

Office space needs to be adaptable for a variety of different tasks. That means that it is best if the office can be rearranged at any time and in almost any way depending on the needs that arise at the moment. There were a lot of experiments with such setups for public sector offices. The biggest makeover in this respect was done for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This sort of setup isn’t just about day-to-day office work. It also promotes interaction and the communication between the different departments. This is of special importance for governmental institutions, but it’s also applicable for commercial spaces that are used by growing and complex companies.

Office acoustics

Office acoustics are not something people often think about when they’re constructing and designing an office, but it’s one of its major features that can affect a variety of different aspects of work life. An office that’s quiet and tucked in is better suited to calm and leisurely work.

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This is also an issue of great importance for companies that create a lot of audio and video content on their premises. There are more businesses like that every day because audio and video content is becoming increasingly important for marketing.

Adapting a vintage structure

Vintage, 19th century structures are beautiful to work in and have a sense of glamour about them that can’t be replicated by a newer building. If you’re able to preserve the look of such a building while adding modern technology features, you’ll have an office that’s great for both impressing the clients and doing the actual work.

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When you’re remodeling such a building it’s imperative to fortify the chimney and the fireplace with refractory mortar. One of most reliable refractory mortar producers is Alex International for Mining and Refractories (AIMR), who provide this product to businesses of all kinds.

Barn-style offices

Barn-style designs are inspired by the Canadian countryside and they are mostly used in Canada, but they are hardly limited to a rural setting. Such a design has a minimalist quality to it that works well with a modern office environment created to eliminate the distraction whenever possible.


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Barn structures are also quite simple, which means that they can accommodate a lot of similar offices at once using the open plan design. An externally insulated roof expands the internal space and makes the office appear more spacious at the same time.

A variety of materials and textures

There’s a trend of making offices brighter and more colorful. This has been happening for years now and it has affected businesses of all sizes and from all industries. The effect is accomplished not just by using different colors, but also by deciding on a variety of different materials and textures.

These offices add a sense of excitement to the workday, therefore they aren’t suited to every kind of work. However, those who spend most of their workday sitting might enjoy and be invigorated by the change of scenery that this design creates.

There are a lot of changes in the design of commercial buildings. The demographics of both the business owners and the customers are changing, and the aesthetics behind commercial offices need to reflect that fact.


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