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The law is complicated and not knowing what to do can land you into trouble. If you are filing a claim and do not know how to go about it a lawyer will be really helpful. If you are the one accused a lawyer will also help you get off the hook. You will not only get representation in court but also sound counsel on what to do. An attorney will walk with you in your legal journey from the start to the end. While you may not need a lawyer for parking ticket issues and other minor cases, legal representation is required in most other cases. Here is a look at common reasons to hire a lawyer.

You are Involved in an Accident

Whether you are the liable one or the affected one, legal representation will do you good. If you are the victim, talk to a good personal injury attorney who will help you get compensated for the injuries, cost incurred, wasted time, and trauma. With most of these lawyers only deducting their fees from the settlement given, legal fees will not be a concern. If you are the liable party and have insurance you can let the insurance firm’s lawyer handle it but if you do not have insurance you need to get an attorney to represent you in court and argue your case. You may be dealing with a road accident, being harmed by a pet, or any other occasion that results in injuries but the bottom line is that you need a lawyer.

Work-Related Injuries

Your employer should compensate you when you are injured in your place of work. However, they are not always very cooperative and some may threaten you with dismissal if you insist on getting your dues. Do not bother arguing with them, just get an L&I lawyer. These are labor and industry lawyers who specialize in work-related cases. They will help you argue your case in court and get the compensation you deserve. They will help you prove your case in court which may not be easy to do on your own. If you are in Seattle, talk to the Emery Reddy L & I Lawyers who have years of experience in this kind of case. They will help you get compensation for medical bills and lost wages among other expenses.

Charged With a Criminal Offense

Whether you think you committed the offense or not is of the least importance. The accusing party will do their best to pin you down. Definitely, they will have the best lawyers. You should too! Your lawyer will help you get bail and defend you in court so as to avoid jail. Remember that court cases are complex and you may end up jailed even if you did not do any wrong. Let the professionals handle it on your behalf.

Estate Planning

If you have assets that would like to properly pass on to your close relatives in the event of your demise you will need a lawyer to help you draft a will. From your house to your businesses to the overseas investments you have, you need to have a plan. This plan is what will help your family move on without fights when you leave them. Even while you are alive, estate planning lawyers will help you deal with any legal obligations you may have such as taxes. When you buy new property a lawyer will help you get all the paperwork right.

Adopting a Child or Divorce

These are important family affairs that should be handled with seriousness. If you need to adopt a child, get a lawyer who will guide you through this legal process. There are things that must be done and if done wrong you may lose custody of the child in the future. On the other hand, divorce lawyers will help you and your former partner split your assets fairly. If there are children involved and you want to be given custody you will need a lawyer to prove your case in court.

If you are facing any of the above issues you need to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Though you can represent yourself in a court of law, it is not the best approach. Read more about the benefits of hiring a lawyer. Though lawyers charge a fee, the benefits you get outweigh these fees. 

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