Did you ever wake up with a terrible toothache that actually throws off your routine? It can even be almost impossible to eat, talk and sleep with severe tooth pain. Toothaches have a lot of causes, so it’s better to undergo an examination by a dentist. Don’t neglect even slight tooth pain, as it can lead to much more serious consequences. An aching tooth should be treated as soon as possible to prevent more extensive treatment in the future and even tooth loss. We gathered a list of the five most common reasons for tooth pain.

1. Erupting wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth can erupt from the gums in an uncomfortable position or not have enough space. In this case, you may suffer from pain in your dentition. Even if the wisdom tooth successfully erupted, there is a high risk to get severe inflammation and infection. These teeth are located far and it’s hard to reach them with a toothbrush and floss. You can feel discomfort and pain, but it’s not as acute as with severe caries.

A lot of people prefer to remove their wisdom teeth. But this procedure can be unnecessary if the position of those teeth doesn’t cause problems. If you are not eager to remove your wisdom teeth, but you experience severe pain, you can take some painkillers and make an appointment with the dentist to solve this problem.

2. Your tooth filling has fallen out

The tooth filling can fallout due to many factors, such as big pressure or low-quality material. Caries around or under a dental filling can also lead to the filling falling out. Many people don’t even feel any discomfort until they bite something hard. Soft food can stick in the cavity’s void as you eat and cause pressure. A tooth without a filling can become sensitive to sharp temperature changes. But it will pass as soon as this tooth will be treated. 

3. You got caries

Caries are the holes in a tooth which are caused by decay that destroys the enamel. Those cavities can develop without any symptoms. But when the cavity becomes too big and reaches the nerves inside the tooth, it can cause severe pain attacks. People usually don’t rush to visit the dentist, even if they feel discomfort or light painful sensations and prefer to rely on painkillers.

Extensive caries usually cause acute pain that is strong enough to wake you up and the pain often intensifies when you lie down. Small cavities are usually easy to fill and you can forget about their existence. But when the cavity is huge and the pain becomes unbearable, you may need several options of treatment other than the routine tooth filling.

4. You have a tooth fracture

A fractured or cracked tooth can lead to severe pain. The whole tooth usually doesn’t break, but only a part of it does. It may be caused by biting something hard or hitting the tooth. If the cracked piece of tooth didn’t fall off, it can move while you eat and cause acute painful sensations. If the fracture isn’t big, it can be fixed with a standard filling. But when the teeth were severely damaged, you may need crowns or even dental implants in Bronx to replace the broken tooth.

5. There is an abscess

Even the smallest piece of food that sticks in your teeth can cause big problems. Those particles between your teeth are pushed farther into the gums while you continue to eat. It can lead to irritation and inflammation over time. And even more, this piece of food can cause a pocket which is called an abscess. So the food will gather there and the infection will multiply.

There can be swelling and pus in an abscess. It would be better to treat it as soon as possible because a neglected abscess can cause gum diseases. The best way to prevent an abscess is to use floss every day.

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