Taking photos of kids can often seem like a daunting task, even for professional photographers. Most children find it difficult to hold their attention and tend to get distracted when posing or following instructions. The trick is to let them feel comfortable while you find opportunities to capture them at their natural best. Here are 5 brilliant yet simple ways you can use your digital camera to photograph kids with ease:

Stay Natural

The best way to help kids feel comfortable during a photo shoot is to let them stay natural. Focus on initiating a conversation to ease the environment and ensure they don’t feel conscious in front of the camera. To get natural looking photographs, shoot at eye level and let them do their thing. This way, you can capture the child’s true expressions and behaviour. Not only will this help them ease into the shoot but also get you frames that are true to the child’s natural character. Candid clicks and the magic of your full Frame DSLR camera will surely result in splendid shots.

Catch their attention

One of the biggest challenges when shooting with kids is to catch their attention and maintain it. Try to confine them to a small space with clearly outlined boundaries and distract them with food or their favourite toy. This will give you a fantastic chance to capture the child happy in action. If you’re shooting indoors, use a full frame DSLR camera from the Canon EOS series to capture fantastic images in low light conditions.

Go Outside

There’s one thing that all children love – going outside! Especially in cases where you’re photographing hyperactive kids with lots of energy, take them outdoors, let them run around and play. As the adventurous side kicks in, you’ll have the chance to take beautiful candid shots. The outdoor setting will add a natural vibrancy to the photos, perfectly complimenting the character of the child.

Let them do what they love

Be it an object or an activity, let the kids embrace something that they love. This could mean playing dress up in their favourite character or cuddling up with their most loved soft toy. As a rule of thumb, the child will be a lot more cooperative in shooting with you, as he will feel relaxed and comfortable doing what he loves the most. Let the child eat his favourite food, draw a cartoon or read a dear book. When choosing props for the photo, select items that enhance the character of the frame. This could be in the form of colour, shape, size or other. Balloons and bubbles are a popular favourite in kids’ photo shoots – they keep them occupied and invariably look great in photographs. You can also draw his attention to your digital camera to make him comfortable with clicking pictures.

Capture them in action

Ask the child to play with a ball, get dirty in the mud or just run around and have a good time. When trying to capture them in action, your focus should be on finding the right perspective. You could try fixing the angle at ground level and shooting on burst mode to get multiple frames per second, so you don’t miss any part of the action.


When photographing children, posing neatly or smiling formally for the camera seldom work. You must make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once they are relaxed and having a good time, you’re bound to get fantastic shots.


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