Char Dham is the purest journey for every pilgrim around this world. The magic induced by gods and goddesses on this journey are unparalleled from any other experience and should be experienced by every devotee in this world. Uttarakhand is a state of pilgrimages in India where your char dham yatra tours takes place also known as Uttarakhand Char Dham and the 4 dhams are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri.

Uttarakhand is the most picturesque state of India surrounded by Himalayas thus having large number of rivers flowing in the state and in the process becoming a lifeline for the people living in Uttarakhand.

Touched by the sage from all over the country the divine nature of this state is unmatched and the purity in every particle is a phenomenon in itself. Well during the char dham yatra the main issues faced by the devotees are choosing the best places to stay during their yatra.

Thus, below are the 5 best places to stay in 5 different destinations during Char Dham Yatra.


The city filled with temples and sage, Haridwar is the city built by the devotees.

The Great Ganga river flows in this beautiful city thus attracting thousand and lakhs of devotees every year to take a dip into this holy river and becoming pure in the process.

This city is well connected by the major cities of India through motorways or the railways whichever is comfortable for you.

Best Place to Stay: Aalia Resort


Barkot is an undisturbed hill station with a magnificent view of Bandharpooch peak.

This quaint little station packs a lot for every devotee coming here from its close proximity to Yamunotri Dham to the holy ashrams and shrines for them to enjoy their stay.

Devotees can also indulge in rafting in Barkot if they wish to.

Best Place to stay: V Resorts Barkot


A big town located at a height of 1,319 meters in the Garwhal region of Himalayas.

This town is very close to the Kedarnath Dham which is a heaven for every devotee to touch the feet of Lord Shiva in the adverse conditions as it can be.

It is approachable by Rudraprayag through the road of an approximate distance of about 39 km and this continues further towards Badrinath which is another dham on your journey.

Best Place to Stay: Buransh Heli Resorts


The most beautiful place in your char dham yatra, Badrinath not only attracts the pilgrims but also the travelers who is exploring beauty in the nature.

It hosts the most famous temple which is Badrinath Temple and the Neelkanth peak provides the perfect backdrop to enhance its beauty even more.

Taking aside the natural beauty of Badrinath, it also provides excellent opportunity who loves escapades and wants to indulge in recreational activities.

Best Place to stay: The Tattva Resort


A place where Narad was blessed by Shiva and just like this you will be blessed by the purity of Rudraprayag.

The sangam of Maniknanda and Alaknanda is the sight to behold and a dip into this will give a joy to every devotee.

Population of only 9,913 people Rudraprayag hosts thousands of devotees all around the year because of the divine experience it provides to pilgrims.

Best Place to Stay: Hotel Mandakini

In the end we will say that Char Dham Yatra is the divine experience for every devotee and it should be comfortable also.

Thus with the suggested places above, your journey of Char Dham Yatra will be filled with good hospitality and amazing accommodation giving you an amazing memory to hold for the rest of your life.


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