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5 Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The average person spends nearly 33 years of their life lying in bed. With so much of our time spent in the bedroom, many people find it difficult to strike a balance between a bedroom that feels comfy and cozy while still being stylish and practical.

Thankfully, we have highlighted 5 of the most common interior design mistakes for bedrooms and provided you with some helpful tips on how to avoid them in your own home.

Harsh Lighting

The key to nailing that cozy atmosphere most people come to expect from a bedroom is in the lighting. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect this fact when choosing lighting fixtures for their bedroom and end up with harsh, bright lighting.

The best way to avoid this mistake it to incorporate at least 3 or more different lighting fixtures into your bedroom design to allow for a variety of different lighting levels. These could range from overhead lights and spot lights to table lamps and floor lamps.

The Pillow Problem

The centerpiece of any bedroom will of course be the bed itself. However, many designers run into trouble with the challenge of dressing the bed. Often, designers will either add too few or too many pillows on the bed which can make the room feel too empty or too crowded respectively. Not to mention the challenge of balancing comfort and looks in pillow choices.

The solution is also a tricky one because it will depend entirely on the side of the bed, but a good rule of thumb is no more than three layers of pillows on a bed at any given time. And as far as choosing a pillowcase that is both comfortable and attractive, there are a wide array of top quality silk pillowcases available for any price range. The best silk pillowcase will provide you with both style and comfort.

Matching Your Headboard and Mattress

On the topic of the bed, another important aspect of the bedroom is the headboard. A common mistake for homeowners in choosing a headboard that does not match the size of their mattresses. This can lead to the room feeling overpowered by the headboard when it is too large. Likewise, if the headboard is too small, it can be swallowed by the pillows stacked against it.

Homeowners should be mindful of the size of their headboard when purchasing. However, if you already have a headboard that is not quite meshing with your mattress, you can always try adjusting the size of your box spring to account for the size difference.

Choosing the Right Bedside Table

Another common mistake many homeowners make when designing a bedroom is choosing bedside tables that are too tall for the bed. Your goal is to ensure that everything on the bedside table is easily accessible from a lying position on the bed.

The best way to ensure this is to choose a bedside table that does not rise more than one foot higher than the height of the mattress. This should provide you with both a sleek look and ease of access.

Avoid Clutter

Lastly, many homeowners make the mistake of overcrowding their bedrooms with furniture and fixtures. These can range from couches and chaise lounges to bookshelves and wardrobes. And while some of these things do make wonderful additions to any bedroom, too many can create a slightly claustrophobic atmosphere.

To combat this, we would suggest having a “keep it simple” mentality when purchasing furniture for your bedroom. Ask yourself, “Will I ever actually use this item, or am I just buying it for the look?” This will prevent any unnecessary furniture additions.

How Many of These Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes Tripped You Up?

That was 5 interior design mistakes that many homeowners encounter when designing a bedroom and how to avoid them. How many did you encounter? Did this list give you some new design ideas for your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below, and check out some of our other amazing articles while you are here!

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