5 Beauty Trends You May Have Never Heard Of

New beauty trends are emerging every day. Therefore, you might come across a lot of trends that you’ve never heard of. These are five trends that you might not have heard of but might want to try.

Cinderella Surgery

You’ve probably heard of all the most popular types of plastic surgery. We’re sure you’ve heard of rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, and the like. However, a new surgical procedure is becoming more popular these days, and it involves the feet. The nickname for it is “Cinderella surgery” because it aims to make a woman’s foot look amazing in high heels. The surgeon removes bunions and corns during the surgical procedure and reshapes the entire foot to sit perfectly in an amazing set of high heels. The average price of the surgery might be more than $10,000, but it will be worth it if you’re into your feet.

Hair Stroking

You’ve probably heard of most of the methods people use to beautify their eyebrows, as well. Maybe you’ve even had your eyebrows waxed or microbladed. There’s another method called the hair stroke eyebrow method that you might want to explore, as well. The hair stroking method is similar to microblading in some aspects. However, the technician uses an advanced machine to stroke the hair. The process leaves a much cleaner and neater eyebrow than microblading leaves. The process can take more than three hours, however. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for a long wait.

Underarm Hair Dyeing

The decision of what to do with our underarm hair has changed significantly over the years. In the 70s, it was still acceptable to have underarm hair. Then, the “you must shave your hair” mentality began to take over in the 90s and beyond. Nowadays, some people are starting a revolution against shaving underarm hair. This group of people has decided that they would dye their underarm hair instead of getting rid of it altogether. They’re using a variety of vibrant colors and styles for their underarm crowns. It’s an interesting concept and a notable beauty trend.

Unkempt Curls

More women are starting to wear their natural hair instead of using relaxers and straighteners. These women use a variety of techniques to make their curls stand out. One such method is to leave the hair uncombed. They wash their hair normally and then pull it up and move it around with their fingers, and voila. Some women use a scarf or do-rag to hold the hair in place overnight. They do nothing after removing the scarf except apply a moisturizer and move the hair around with the hands. In some cases, they may spritz a little bit of water on the hair for hydration. Amazingly, this style ends up looking fantastic.

Permanent Marker Eyeliner

Many people are becoming regular artists with their eyes. They’re using permanent markers as eyeliner to give themselves long-lasting effects. The idea came from some celebrities who used Sharpies as eyeliner. Trends seem to start quickly after a celebrity indulges in it. We’re not going to recommend that you use this method, nor are we going to try to sway you from it. We’re here to give you some beauty trends that you’ve never heard of, and this is most likely one of them.

Try Some New Beauty Trends Today

There are going to be many beauty trends that you haven’t heard of. Why not have some fun by trying one of these beauty trends today? You’ll be glad you took the time to do so. You might actually have some fun participating.

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