5 Beauty Benefits Organic Essential Oils Every Girl Should Know

Since ancient Egyptian times, many individuals have been using essential oils as part of their beauty routine. Even the famous Cleopatra is known to have been using organic essential oils because it has proven to yield beauty benefits. Today, cosmetic companies are embracing the positive implications of organic essential oils. Here’s how these aromatic oils can make your skin glow with their organic compounds:


  • Reduces Acne


Have you tried several remedies in the market but still suffer acne? If you have, then it is time to shift to a natural solution. Sometimes, pimples worsen because of dry skin. Although drinking water and taking medicines prescribed by your beauty doctor can help, the use of organic essential oil does wonders for your skin. Lemon essential oil is known to be effective in improving your acne problems. Use this regularly and apply it directly to your skin during night time.


  • Moisturises Skin 


Well-hydrated skin is divine. If you want to achieve the highly coveted Korean glass skin, consider hydrating your skin with organic essential oils. There are several essential oils with proven moisturising effects, including lavender, tea tree, cedarwood, and geranium. You can also schedule a weekly essential oil mask at home. Better yet, incorporate it into your daily beauty routine and witness that extra glow.


  • Fights Dandruff


Your crowning glory deserves an organic essential oil treatment, too. Some oils help nourish the hair, while others like eucalyptus and tea tree oil are good at fixing the stubborn dandruff problem. Tea tree oil, for instance, has antifungal properties that fight dandruff-causing yeast on the scalp. At the same time, tea tree oil cleans pores and moisturises the scalp. Too much scratching of the scalp sometimes leads to hair fall, and you certainly don’t want this to happen.


  • Treats Skin Rashes


Skin rashes have different causes. However, before applying any topical treatments, it is best to speak to your dermatologist. A study has proven that a combination of thyme and lavender oil is effective for treating eczema in animals. The same could hold for human eczema.

Aside from treating its causes, essential oils help with symptom management. Skin rashes can become too itchy and painful to handle. Organic essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus have pain-relieving properties, while patchouli oil is known to not only reduce pain but inflammation as well. 


  • Prevents Aging 


The skin loses collagen as you age, causing saggy and wrinkled skin. Ancient Egyptian women are believed to have used essential oils to help keep their skin young-looking. Myrrh oil is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and enhance blood circulation. The skin then becomes bright and fresh. Rose oil contains the skin vitamins, C and A, that stimulate cell turnover, a process that slows down with age.

The Takeaway

You can find many other organic essential oils that have proven beauty benefits. But it is important to remember that many essential oils require carrier oils for skin application. Organic essential oils can be too potent for direct application. Hence, they need to be diluted with carrier oils like jojoba and coconut oil. You can easily find carrier oils in the market.

Before using any organic essential oil, make sure you perform a skin patch test to prevent adverse allergic reactions. Safety precautions like finding the right carrier oil and performing a patch test are a must because your skin and hair deserve only the best care.

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