5 Ayurvedic Treatments of Kerala That Promise Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country for good reason. It is not only the abundance of scenic destinations, clear backwaters, plentiful traditions, but also the relaxing and rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments that give Kerala its mystic grandeur. What’s more is that you can enjoy the place as if on vacation while indulging in these treatments. The moist and humid clime fosters the growth of special plants and herbs that are vital for the treatment. You can travel throughout the year with a mind to restore your mental and physical faculties at resorts near Bekal Fort. Here are ayurvedic treatments that are nothing short of miracles.


The mystical third eye attributed to a higher form of awakening is supposedly located in the center of the forehead. It is known as ‘shir’, and ‘dhara’ means pouring. Special oils with healing and soothing properties are prepared by experts that are, then, slowly poured onto the “third eye” area, which heals all headaches and soothes the body overall. The third eye is supposed to be associated with the comfort of the body and mind and these oils benefit the entire body.


Thalam is another treatment that heals all headaches. It begins with applying oils to the head for up to 40 minutes. The oils not only cure headaches but contain herbs and plants that prevent the graying of hair. This treatment is also done to treat insomnia and anxiety. In the past, the treatment has been used to treat mental patients as it nourishes the brain and prevents brain damage. Thalam has had a high success rate.


This one is advised to those suffering from problems of the eyes. Ghee medicated with Ayurvedic ingredients is kept on the eyes from 15 to 30 minutes. To ensure that the ghee doesn’t spill to the other parts of the face or body, a paste of ayurvedic leaves is used to create a boundary. It strengthens the optic tissue in addition to relieving stress, puffiness and cures corneal problems.


Lepanam cures the pain that is caused due to inflammation in the body. ‘Lepam’ is a paste that is created by mixing medicines along with herbal liquids that are then applied to the affected parts of the body. The paste is used as a scrub to smoothen the skin, restore blood circulation, treat skin disorders, pain management and relieve aches. The treatment basically facilitates the body’s abilities to heal itself, which is essential with inflammatory disease.


This treatment works like a miracle for those suffering from sinus infections and other problems related to throat, nose or head. The head, neck and chest are massaged with oils. In some cases, medical oils are poured through the nasal nostrils to treat nasal problems, which are divided into three types:

  1. Virechana Nasyam – use of strong medicines to clear the sinuses and head region by expelling the accumulated waste
  2. Brimhana Nasyam – strengthens the weakened areas of the head. It is known to treat problems like loss of voice, migraine, mouth diseases, and difficulties in lifting hands
  3. Samana Nasyam – reduces the waste inside the head region without expelling it, which makes it a moderate treatment

Ayurvedic treatments at the top resorts in Kerala is just what you need if you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience. It is most probable that Ayurveda has a solution for any ailments that you might be suffering from.

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