5 Amazing Tips to Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair is doubtlessly one of the most critical parts of your body. This is the first part of the body that people seem, and they can use it to create an impression about you. That said, the overall appearance of your hair should be at the helm of your priority list, the same way you care about what clothes to wear and makeup to put on every day. Considering hairstyles such as the Malaysian curly hair can create an epitome of glamour, making you a moving attraction that will make heads turn!

But there is one big problem…

As a busy woman, maintaining luscious and super-healthy hair can be a vicious cycle for you, keeping in mind that you have tons of other things to do. You have no time to visit your hairstylist every day, and all you need is some advice that will help keep your hair shining at all times. Well, here is the good news! You have come to the right place!  Below are some tips that will make your hair the centre of attention each day.

1.       Avoid excessive heat

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is expose it to extreme heat. Even though hair drying is essential, it is vital to know that the more heat you use on your strands, the weaker they become, and the more your overall hair health deteriorates. Ensure you pay attention to how you use your hairdryer, or restraint the number of times you use it.

If you have to use heat on your hair, there are a range of hair protection products you can apply beforehand to mitigate the damage that can emanate from this exercise.

2.       Use the right hair brush

In case you care about your hair (which you should by the way), a wet or boar bristle brush should be your lifetime partner. If you have long hair, or you have won a classy hair such as the Brazilian body wave hair bundles, the brush you choose to use should smoothen the hair shaft; thus reducing the chances of hair breakage.

Do not pick any brush you come across because you heard that it reduces friction when brushing; therefore leaving the hair silky and smooth. No! Do thorough research, and choose a tool that will put less stress on your hair.

3.       Do not wash your hair too much!

Strange, right?

Although washing is an integral part of hair hygiene, washing it every day can prove to be a disaster other than a heaven-sent blessing.

Your hair is made up of natural oils, which are specially designed to protect and condition your tresses. When you use shampoo and water on a daily basis, you wash off these oils, making your hair hard and brittle when it dries. To avoid this, only wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Use a natural drying shampoo which will not only add texture and volume to your hair but also keep it tide until your next wash.

4.       Stop! Don’t use that towel to dry your hair. Use an old t-shirt instead!

Whenever you wash your hair, it is prudent to use fabric such as linen and cotton instead of a waffle-brushed cotton towel. This prevents fraying of hair shafts when you wrap it to dry. The hair is kept sleek inside the fabric, which minimizes the possibility of damage.

5.       Eat well!

Yes, the reason why your hair doesn’t look good even if you put cosy hairstyles such as the bundle and closure deal  is because you are eating the wrong foods! You need to know that each hair strand on your head is made up of cells containing Keratin proteins, and if you have to keep it healthy and good-looking you need to eat your way!

Below are some of the foods you should add to your diet for healthier, stronger hair;

·         Eggs to provide protein

·         Dark leafy greens such as spinach for iron

·         Citrus fruits for vitamin C

·         Nuts and seeds to offer Omega-3 Fatty acids and,

·         Whole grains for biotin.

There you have it! With the above tips, there is no reason why you should not have the most adorable hair in the neighbourhood.

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