5 Alternative Medicines for Women in Business

Many women often feel that they have two full-time jobs. If you are managing work and home, children and school, life can get very chaotic. To make sure that you can avoid a serious health issue when under all this stress, consider the alternative medicines below.



Acupuncture can be remarkably beneficial for someone who is

  • tired from too much stress
  • worn out from sitting at a desk
  • struggling with hand challenges from too much typing or keying
  • just really stressed out


Yes, acupuncture is needles. The reason for the needles is that they plug into energy centers within the body to release blocked or trapped energy caused by stress and illness.


A qualified acupuncturist should be able to give you a pain-free session to help you overcome challenges caused by stress and overwork. Make sure that you review their certifications so you can be confident in the treatment and excited about the outcome.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is also focused on energy. A great deal of ayurvedic practice is based on avoiding inflammation. If you have ever had an allergy flareup that led to a sinus infection, you know firsthand how uncomfortable inflammation can be and what it can do to your immune system.


If you have an infection and you need antibiotics, get antibiotics. However, before the next sinus season, consider ayurvedic treatments such as Neti pot flushes to clear away sinus inflammation, as well as gentle yoga to loosen tension in your neck and pressure in your head.



Fragrances offer many benefits. For example, lavender was used in cleansing products by the ancient Romans, so it makes sense to put a bit of lavender oil in your bath or even spray the essence on your pillow before bed. Geranium and rose can wake your brain up while you wait for the coffee to brew.


There are also jewelry pieces that you can dose just a bit to provide you with a bit of the fragrance that you need the most on a crazy day. If your stress level is high, a bit of mint on a lava bracelet bead or two can help you breathe deep, calm down, and face the rest of your day.


Supplements to Prevent Illness

Many of us don’t seek medical care until something is wrong. Instead, try getting in front of the problem by trying a course of supplementation for everything from UTI relief to stomach upset.


Just like mint can soothe your mind on a busy day, it can also soothe an upset tummy after a spicy meal. If you take fish oil but don’t like what it does to your tummy, freeze it and try again. Those omega 3’s are great for your heart, and freezing them can limit any unpleasant aftertaste or upset.


Finally, make sure you keep an eye on your calcium intake. Keeping your bones healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself before osteoporosis is a risk. If you have a family history, talk with your doctor about the best options. For many women, calcium supplements can be tough on the gut. Do your best to add a bit more acid to the diet, such as vinegar and oil dressings and lots of tomatoes to cut down on a calcium-clogged gut.


Chiropractic Care

We sit too much, carry too much, carry off-center, and don’t have time to work on our cores. Many of us do all of this in heels. Chiropractic care is critical to feeling better about your back and your ability to move, stretch, and get things done.


If you are not comfortable with chiropractic, you may have better luck with a massage. Another way to work on back pain is to sign up to work with a personal trainer. Your PT can help you to find the right alignment before you try to lift weights, work out a bit harder, or amp up your yoga classes.


Energy and budget are finite. If you are struggling to address a particular health challenge, tailor your alternative medicine choices to those factors. Don’t forget to make time for a bit of fun and laughter, and if you can’t find time to connect with that friend who always makes you laugh, read something early in the day that makes you smile.

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