5 Advantages Of Nissan Terrano You Should Be Aware of

After the resounding success of the Renault Duster, which was sold in the markets of many countries and continents, the management of the Renault-Nissan alliance thought: why not sell the same car under the Nissan brand? In many markets, an inexpensive crossover would come in very handy, “propping up from below” the line of SUVs of this brand. 

As far as you can understand the intention of the Renault-Nissan management, the new car was supposed to become a little more prestigious and more respectable than Duster, which, firstly, would justify the higher price of the new car, and secondly, it would attract new customers that didn’t like Duster due to the lack of gloss and the established reputation of the brand itself.

In general, the set of benefits that Duster and Terrano buyers could get practically did not differ and do not differ, however, a solid range of options included in the basic Terrano configuration, Duster buyers have to order additionally. That’s why many people prefer to buy or lease Nissan Terrano. In this article, we have gathered five advantages of Nissan Terrano you should be aware of.

1. Appearance

The first, and sometimes the main reason that prompted people to buy a Nissan Terrano is the appearance of the car. In general, the majority of Terrano owners understood perfectly well that they were buying not a ceremonial carriage, but a workhorse. But if the horse is a worker, then let it be more beautiful! Well, Terrano looks really impressive.

Someone is warmed by the fact that the design of the front part is made in full stylistic similarity with such popular (and much more expensive) models as Qashqai and X-Trail, and someone simply enjoys the successful design: The appearance is very attractive to purchase, it is aggressive, wild, and arrogant.

2. Practicality, fuel consumption, and trunk volume

Why do people buy crossovers? First of all, they are attracted by the practicality of this class of cars, and the owners of Nissan Terrano consider this one the main advantage of the model. Reviewers liked the spaciousness of the interior. However, only 4 adults feel comfortable in it (although nominally the car is considered a 5-seater). 

But the volume of the trunk suits absolutely everyone. With the second row of seats folded out, it is 475 liters in front-wheel drive and 408 liters in all-wheel drive. If the rear row of seats is folded down, the useful volume will increase to 1636 and 1570 liters, respectively, and this will be enough for almost any situation.

Despite its compact size, Terrano allows you to organize a berth in the vehicle interior (although not quite full). If you often travel to other cities, you can easily stop for a short sleep in order to get there without incident. 

The owners also like the fact that the Terrano is an unpretentious and inexpensive car to maintain. There are few electronics, all the main spare parts and consumables are readily available (since they have the same catalog numbers as the more massive Renault Duster), the design is well known to service workers. The car starts steadily in winter, parking and maneuvering in city conditions are facilitated by its small external dimensions, high seating position of the driver, parking sensors, and a rear-view camera. True, the camera raises certain complaints since it is constantly getting dirty. 

Finally, Terrano pleases its owners with moderate fuel consumption. For example, if there are 3 people + 100-120 pounds of luggage and the speed is 60 miles per hour, the car consumes exactly 3.4 gallons per 100 miles. In the city, the fuel consumption is a bit higher. The estimate of consumption is very dependent on the starting point. If before Terrano a person drove a diesel Citroen Berlingo with low fuel consumption, the consumption of Terrano can look quite big. In any case, the consumption even for versions with an automatic in winter and in the city doesn’t go beyond acceptable limits and the car fully justifies its status as a strong workhorse. 

3. Suspension

The owners highly rate the Nissan Terrano suspension. However, Terrano is no different from other popular models on the B0 platform: The car has an excellent suspension. It copes with all the potholes of bad roads. Plus, it’s soft and comfortable. On the asphalt, it provides quite a decent handling, in the city, it allows you not to be too afraid of “speed bumps” (especially if you own such a technique as “dynamic unloading”), but it manifests itself best of all on graders and on the ground. Driving through the fields and bumps is a pleasure. The suspension is worked out totally and this car is made for off-road.

4. Reliability and endurance

The owners of Nissan Terrano consider reliability and endurance the most important advantages of this car. There are no reviews with long, like a novel, mournful lists of breakdowns and repairs but approximately the following statements: “Six months have passed. Nothing broke. Several times I towed heavy vehicles. The chassis, transmission, and engine are flawless. 

With a mileage of 100,000 miles, only the stabilizer bushings and silent blocks were replaced, everything else is normal. The engine doesn’t eat oil, its level remains almost the same from replacement to replacement. The breakdowns around 100 000 miles are arm silent blocks (prices are very moderate), rear silent blocks (they are easier to assemble with levers to change), rear-wheel bearings (on all cars they changed for about 100,000 mileage), and belts. The car is reliable.

Moreover, with a successful combination of circumstances, the car is able to withstand and retain the ability to move independently even after serious accidents. However, there are complaints that the seats tend to loosen after a certain point, but against the general background, this is not critical.

5. Cross-country ability and versatility

All the owners of Nissan Terrano show amazing unanimity in assessing the car’s cross-country ability. The cross-country ability even on snow and ice on summer tires is very good but provided that the inter-axle blocking is activated in advance. Some people travel in the mountains in this car, a lot – not on roads, but along rivers, ridges, etc. In the snowy winter, there were no problems either with traffic on city and country roads or with parking in deep snow – on all-wheel-drive the car drives in anywhere. Unlike cars with low clearance, in winter you can safely park where even pedestrians don’t walk.

This kind of statement can be found in almost every review. Naturally, the car should be prepared for off-road exploits. For example, it is better to install protection on the all-wheel-drive clutch. Otherwise, the two wires responsible for connecting the rear axle will certainly be torn off on some particularly steep hill.

However, you should understand that there is no lowering row in Nissan Terrano, that the clutch easily overheats in difficult conditions, that you can get stuck simply by unsuccessfully driving the front end into a deep puddle, leaving the back end on a hard surface. In general, you shouldn’t demand the capabilities of a full-fledged SUV from the crossover.

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