4 Ways Your Favourite Modular Kitchen at The Kitchen Showroom

If your kitchen is crying out loud for a much-delayed renovation, but you’ve been putting it off because the prices at kitchen showrooms leave you distressed, we know exactly how you feel. But what if we told you that your favourite modular kitchen on display at the kitchen showroom can be yours within your budget?  With extensive experience in home improvement, the décor consultant at your favourite kitchen showroom can guide you on how with minor replacements and tweaks, you can have the kitchen of your dreams. Here’s a head start on the topics you should be discussing with your décor consultant:

Explore Kitchen Top Options: If a significant chunk of your kitchen budget is going into the kitchen cabinets you just cannot get your eyes off, ask the design consultant at the kitchen showroom to discuss different options in the material they can use for your kitchen top. Often times, the stone used to make kitchen tops can be replaced with stainless steel, industrial plastic or wood with Formica at a fraction of the cost, and still being perfectly suited for kitchen use. Most commercial kitchens use stainless steel for kitchen tops as durable and economical options. Pair it with a vintage sink farmhouse style sink for an aesthetic appeal. A reputed kitchen showroom will make sure they give you the best options within your budget. However, never go for the cheapest price or material by compromising over quality.

Narrow Down Lighting Outlets: A great way to ensure your kitchen revamp costs come down is by sealing off some of the light outlets that may seem unnecessary and leaving the strategically placed ones active, making sure lighting in the kitchen isn’t compromised. This way, you will save up on investing in numerous light fittings, the cost of which you can save up to splurge on your favourite cooktops or cabinets. A useful tip would be to tie in better natural light sources by using meshes in windows and ditching the window drapes.

Focus on major accessories: Based on their utility you must choose only the accessories which are necessary for you.  Investing too much on unnecessary things will overdo your budget.

Discuss Maintenance: Often times, the cost of purchasing and installing your dream kitchen from a kitchen showroom is well within your budget, but it is the post-installation maintenance that digs a hole in your pocket. It would be prudent to discuss with your décor consultant about the maintenance cycle, its costs and replacements to get a gist of the budget you need to have. Any kitchen showroom worth its name would certainly have an in-house annual maintenance agreement that we would strongly advise you to opt for, as it not only covers maintenance but also subsidises replacement costs in the event of an unplanned spare part replacement.

Hold onto your floor: This is a great way to cut costs on your new kitchen. If the flooring of your kitchen is still good enough and could do without a change, we strongly suggest that you give the flooring change a miss.  It is after all the counter, cabinets and appliances that are used and abused day in and day out. It isn’t much you are going to do on the floor that would erode it more than the cabinets and appliances. Hence, we suggest you use what’s not entirely worn out yet.

There are numerous other tweaks and changes that a specialised kitchen consultant can acquaint you with, in choosing the kitchen of your choice at a minimum budget. You can get some expert views about saving a few pennies wherever possible, depending upon the needs of your kitchen.

We do hope though, that our checklist has got your mind running on the endless options in cost cutting!

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