In anyone’s wardrobe, coats and jackets are staples as they are both functional and fashionable. Buying outerwear can be considered a solid investment as it can be worn year-round in all seasons. There are coats and jackets for hot summers, cold winters, and warm springs, and for all kinds of weather as experienced in Australia.

While both of them are outerwear, a coat is usually longer than a jacket and heavier. Jackets are comparatively lighter and do not exceed hip level. There is also a difference in the material used, as coats are made of heavier fabric. There are different types of coats like trench coats, peacoat, tailcoat, duffle coat, overcoat, to name a few. Jackets also come in different types like a puffer jacket, bomber jacket, denim or jean jacket, blazer, windbreaker etc. 

While outerwear provides warmth and comfort from cold and wind, they also make bold fashion statements and can easily elevate an outfit from good to great. 

Here are some ways to style a coat and jacket:


  • Over a Dress


Jackets go great with dresses and create an effortlessly fun look that is easy to pull off. A denim jacket over a printed or floral dress can look great in summer, while the same dress can be paired with a leather jacket during the colder months to stay warm and look bomb. Blazers also look great with dresses as they can add a level of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. They are not just office wear but can transform into a fashionable outfit when paired with a dress. A long collarless coat thrown over a dress can be the perfect outfit choice for a cold winter day. Finish the look by draping a scarf and get ready to rock. 

  Pair It With T-Shirts


T-shirts and jeans are everyday outfits that are worn by everyone. To elevate this basic look, pair it with a coat or a jacket. A trench coat worn over a tucked-in t-shirt and jeans paired with sneakers can be great for brunch with friends on the weekend. To make it a bit bolder, go for a coloured coat or jacket over a monochrome t-shirt and jeans combination. For instance, a red bomber jacket with a black t-shirt and black jeans can turn casual streetwear into a stylish outfit. A lightweight jacket worn over a t-shirt dress also makes for a great weekend outfit.

With Skirts


Skirts are fun to style with outerwear as they offer a variety of choices to experiment with. Add a belted trench coat with a long skirt to make winter days warm and comfortable. Pair a leather jacket with a high neck top and leather skirt to create a chic look. A cropped jacket with an A-line skirt is a great look for spring. Or go for a jean jacket with a jean skirt to create an interesting monochrome look. Or how about a biker jacket with a crop top and mini skirt?

Over Jumpsuits


A great way to accessorize a jumpsuit is to pair it with a coat or jacket. Adding layers gives more definition to the whole look. For winter, a long oversized coat thrown over a jumpsuit might do the trick. A cropped leather jacket over a jumpsuit can be great for evenings out with friends. Another great way to style a jumpsuit is to tie the sleeves of the jacket around the waist like a belt. This will give a cinched look to the jumpsuit and make the whole look more interesting.

These are few suggestions on how to style outerwear but feel free to experiment and find a style that clicks. And always remember, confidence is key!

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