4 Ways to Live Your Dream Lifestyle in Spain

According to the ‘Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2020’ by the Swiss private bank Julius Bär, Barcelona in Spain is one of the top 5 cities in the world for a low-cost luxury lifestyle. The report looked at the cost of luxury property and cars, business-class flights, and designer goods and ordered them from most to least expensive. While Barcelona is the city mentioned in the report, the country of Spain has a huge appeal for people seeking a luxury lifestyle,stunning landscapes, and a beautiful climate without the astronomical price tag. If you are considering relocating to Spain, here are 4 ways to live your dream lifestyle when you get there.

  1. Live in luxury

Luxury properties are incredibly reasonably priced in Spain, and the very best can equal any property in the world. Whether you want to live near a city or in the countryside, you will find a property to suit your lifestyle. For example, luxury property developers BRIGHT are developing luxurious residential estates in one of the most desirable locations, Marbella.

  1. Embrace a new way of life

Living a life of luxury is not possible if you spend most of your time at work, but luckily the Spanish have a different attitude towards the working day. Typically, a Spanish working day begins from 8.30-9am until lunch when there is a 2-3-hour break called a ‘siesta’. The working day then resumes at around 4.30-5pm, finishing at 8pm. The siesta was originally intended to give people a rest from working during the hottest part of the day. People will use the time to have a leisurely lunch, see friends and family or take a rest. While some bigger cities are trying to phase out the tradition of the siesta, it is still prevalent. In addition, by law, there must be at least 12 hours between the end of a working day and the start of the next.

  1. Bask in the sunshine, all year round

The Spanish landscape is incredibly varied and beautiful from the sun-kissed beaches to lush forests of the north and vast mountain ranges. Thanks to the country’s climate, you can enjoy long summers, plenty of sunshine, and mild winters. However, while the winter season is short, there are opportunities to take part in winter sports, including skiing in the mountains and snowshoe walking.

  1. Celebrate with the best food and drink

Spain is world-renowned for its iconic tapas, vibrant fiestas, and incredible wine. In fact, three of the top ten restaurants in the world are in Spain –AsadorExtebarri inAtxondo, Mugaritz in San Sebastian, andDisfrutar in Barcelona – so it is clear that the country takes pride in its cuisine. Of course, you do not need to go to a fine dining restaurant to experience exceptional food as you will find incredible quality wherever you stop for street food. You can even create great dishes at home, thanks to the fresh Mediterranean produce they have to offer.

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