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4 Ways to Help Your Marketing Team be Efficient

The marketing environment has evolved over the past ten years. Current technological advancements continuously create additional responsibilities for marketers. As a result of high competition, you need to devise ways to assist your marketing team in adapting and performing exceptionally.


From the e-mobile marketing boom to social media marketing, the marketing industry has evolved beyond the traditional promotional emails. So, how can you leverage such technologies to help your marketing team become more efficient?


The following are ways you can help your marketing teams be more efficient.

1. Measure Individual Performance

In a marketing team, not every member can perform exceptionally. A few can do a great job, while some struggle to achieve their targets or meet deadlines. Therefore, you should devise a strategy whereby you measure individual workers’ performance to encourage productivity, thus enhancing overall efficiency. If you don’t hold individual players of a marketing team accountable, they may become reluctant and fail to give their best. Therefore, you should establish performance metrics to help you measure team members’ productivity and efficiency.


Additionally, using relevant tools such as the computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can help identify inefficient workers who require training. Some of the advantages of using such tools include tracking workers’ performance and lowering costs.


While measuring your staff’s performance and creating training programs, avoid overloading them with tasks. Workers who feel they lack sufficient time to finish assigned tasks are inefficient and less productive by up to 68%. Therefore, you should distribute tasks equally and fairly between all the players in a team. Besides, ensure you establish the correct performance metric for each team player depending on the assigned tasks’ complexity.

2. Hold Regular In-person Meetings

Even though holding a lot of meetings can result in inefficiencies, in the long run, it’s paramount to have in-person meetings occasionally. Once in a while, you should get your employees together and have productive team-building meetings with your marketing team. Additionally, holding in-person meetings proves helpful when it comes to assessing the individual needs of each team member.


Before the meeting day, ensure you create a list of the agendas you want to discuss. If you’re planning to get updates from specific team participants, ensure you inform them in advance for them to prepare. In the end, such meetings can offer insightful knowledge to enhance efficiency among your marketing team members.

3. Leverage Collaboration Tools

Even if your marketing team consists of a few individuals or hundreds, you have to devise a way to keep them engaged. If your company operates in Montreal’s automobile industry, you need to develop a method for team members to share information about auto insurance in Montreal. In such a case, you can leverage online collaboration tools to enable your marketing team members to exchange task updates, edit documents, and share ideas. Such collaborations enhance individual members’ performance, leading to a more efficient marketing team.


According to Forbes, workers spend 20% of their work time searching for internal information or a co-worker to assist with a specific task. As a result, getting a tool that stores the necessary files, projects, and discussions can reduce time wastage. Eventually, this allows your marketing team to devote their time to relevant tasks that increase your company’s efficiency.

4. Set Achievable Goals

Setting realistic goals for your marketing team is crucial. By setting simple and achievable goals, you can help your marketing team develop confidence in their abilities. Once a team member meets the set goals, he/she gets motivated to work even harder to achieve the next goals. Consequently, you need to hold regular meetings with your marketing team to discuss the set goals and how they prefer to achieve them. By involving your marketing team, they can own the goals, making them their personal goals. In the end, this helps enhance individual performance leading to increased efficiency.


Your marketing team is the engine of your company. If your marketers aren’t performing efficiently, it means you are likely to run out of business any time soon. Therefore, you need to develop strategies to help you enhance your marketing team’s productivity and efficiency. Some of these strategies include measuring individual performance, holding regular in-person meetings, using collaboration tools, and setting achievable goals. Ultimately, implementing these strategies can help you make your marketing team more efficient.


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