Do you know that four out of five people sometimes suffer from a bout of back pain? And it may be caused by really minor things. Some everyday habits, such as hanging over your smartphone, can strain your spine and surrounding muscles. This will provoke pain and make you more exposed to serious injuries. In order to stop back pain, try to avoid these four unexpected “criminals”.

1. Your cool office chair

It doesn’t matter that you are sitting in an ergonomic chair if you stay in one position for the whole day, this is very harmful to your back. Sitting pose decreases blood flow to the spinal discs and puts extra pressure on the spine. It’s even more then when you stand or walk. Don’t forget to stretch and have a little walk every hour. 

Built-in lumbar support doesn’t always make your chair comfortable for your back. Many people don’t feel any difference especially if this support isn’t positioned properly. Try to sit properly in any type of chair and hold your head straight while working. Avoid stooping and adjust the seat so that it leans back slightly. And keep your feet on the floor.

2. Improper shoes

If you are fond of running on high heels or stilettos, you need to know that this affects your back, hips, and knees. Your foot strikes the ground with a back and forth motion, not with the usual heel-toe gait. When you constantly wear high heels, the angle of your body also alters, so your weight isn’t evenly spread over the spine. This can lead to pain and injuries from the knees all the way to the back.

One more kind of forbidden shoes is the backless one. Such flip-flops and flats allow your heel to slip around. And again, the lack of stability unevenly distributes the weight of your body, creating more pressure on the spine. The best way out is to buy the shoes that hold your foot in place. If you really need heels, choose heels that are less than three inches high.

3. An incorrect bra

Women with large breasts certainly carry more weight than women with a smaller size of breasts. This overload may even cause neck and back pain. A bra that offers proper support can actually ease the pain. And a bra without support can worsen the problem because you stoop or strain even more to compensate for uncomfortable straps or band.

Many women wear the wrong size bra for some reason. But if you get the right fit, you’ll surely feel the difference between sagging and supported. One more way is to try a T-back (racer-back) style bra. This gives the body a signal to lean the shoulders back.

4. Your addiction to the smartphone or tablet

Mobile technology affects not only eye health, but also our backs and neck. Many people around the world hang daily and nightly over smartphones, iPads, and laptops. The position when the head is tilted down strains the neck muscles and pain can spread throughout the spine to the lower back. You need to take breaks and look straight ahead while using a tablet, laptop, or phone. You can buy a stand that helps keep your laptop or tablet at a more comfortable height and angle.

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