4 Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Summer

Although we learn early in school that skin is our largest organ, we aren’t taught how to take care of it the same way we know how to care for other organs in our body correctly. For instance, to keep our heart ticking perfectly, we eat a healthy diet and exercise. For healthy lungs, smoking or inhaling fumes is a no-no. However, except for our facial skin, which we are taught to keep moisturized, taking care of our largest organ is mainly learned the hard way.


Dry and improperly hydrated skin can cause an array of issues. Facial skin that isn’t hydrated feels tight and looks flaking with fine lines and cracks. On the body, improper hydration leads to redness, ash, deep fissures that may bleed, itching, and more. Despite the misery that non-hydrated skin can cause, weather changes can exacerbate terrible skin conditions, and summer can be especially harsh on the skin.


Therefore, I have listed four tips for keeping your skin hydrated during the summer because healthy skin is hydrated skin.

1. Start hydrating skin in the shower.

Selecting products for your shower can give you a running start to hydrated skin. That includes first selecting the suitable soap for your skin. Start looking at products in your soaps, avoiding harsh chemicals or irritants. Look for moisturizing and hydrating soaps and body wash products that contain lanolin, different kinds of butter, and oils.


Also, though there is nothing better than a hot shower, you should not shower in hot water. Hot water and steam damage the skin and cause additional drying, making it hard for the skin to hold moisture. Slowly cooling the water will help build your tolerance to cool water.


When you get out of the shower, avoid rubbing your skin with a towel. Instead, pat your skin to absorb water. Rubbing strips your skin of moisture and leaves skin dry.

2. Drink a lot of water.

Summer is when we are most active and lose the most water from our bodies through sweat, leaving us more susceptible to dehydration. Unfortunately, dehydration comes long before we have a dry throat or lips. Drinking water cannot be overstated.


We know that water is the ultimate hydration. Not only does it keep your insides from getting dry, but water consumption also shows on the outside. Lack of water leads to tiredness and lethargy.

3. Hydrating skin after a shower.

After a shower, your pores are open, and your skin is ready to receive outer hydration. Selecting the right moisturizer based on your skin type may be trial and error, especially in the summer when you want a product to help retain and lock in water. Look for moisturizers to hydrate your skin with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, fatty alcohols, petrolatum, and squalene. They rebuild the outer layer of skin and protect it from harmful pollutants.


When hydrating your body, remember your lips also. Look for products with natural ingredients like argan and avocado oils, lanolin, and manuka honey, which are some ingredients in some of the best lip balms for chapped lips.

4. Carry mist with you.

Many companies in the beauty space offer small misting bottles perfect for misting the face and body during the day. Perfect for a spritz during a lunchtime stroll or after a humidity-filled gym session, misters are nutrient-packed formulas to keep skin refreshed, hydrated, glowing, and feeling dewy all day. Misting can brighten a dull complexion and revitalize skin. If you travel to different climates, misting can be highly beneficial to your skin.


Misting bottles are usually aluminum or metal to keep the product cool. On a hot, humid day, misting can take your skin from zero to 100 with just a few pumps.


As you can see, there are ways to keep your overall skin hydrated and how important that is in the summer. Some tips for hydrating in the summer are starting with your shower, looking at ingredients in soap, and cooling the water down. Also, drink more water, hydrate skin well after your shower, and mist your skin throughout the day. These tips will keep your skin hydrated during the summer and leave your skin healthy and luxurious.


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