4 Tips To Buy The Best foundation for Black Women

Finding the best foundation for black women is no longer a rocket science. The era in which people understand that black lives matter, making available a wider range of foundation for is no less than a necessity. The realization that every skin shade is beautiful made the people make available different shades of foundation today. So if you are too in the search of finding that flawless foundation that matches your skin tone then you have stopped by the right place. In this article we will help you find the best foundation for your skin color. Follow the tips mentioned below and know what is best for yourself.

Find Your Undertone

When we talk about makeup, please note that one’s undertones have a huge role to play. Undertone is like your personal face filter that is always present on your face. Whatever complexion product you apply on your face, whether it is a foundation, a concealer or a color corrector, taking your natural filter into account is essential. Because only your undertone along with the shade of product applied, can give rise to a tint that will complement your skin. Undertones range from warm hues, cool hues, neutral hues etc. Therefore shop accordingly!

Go For The Exact Shade Only

Finding a foundation for black women is not similar to looking for a unicorn. Though it might be a little annoying to search for the right shade and color, all you need is patience and knowledge. Not all brands sell foundation for dark women, hence your list gets narrowed down. Now that you have a specified list of brands that sell the dark shades of foundation, you can get to know your shade by applying the foundation to your face, neck or even wrist. The right shade matters because obviously you do not want to make your face seem different than your body. Hence shop wisely!

Foundations Can Get Oxidised

When you buy a certain shade of foundation, there are chances that after a few hours of having it on, the foundation changes its shade. This is completely normal and no one has to be blamed for the same. Every foundation changes its shade throughout the day as a result of skin’s chemistry and its exposure to the air. While you are out, buying a foundation for yourself please consider that your purchased product might lose its color after application. And to avoid this all you can do is apply a good quality primer.  A primer would separate your skin from the foundation and this would further mitigate the effects of oxidation.

Right Coverage & Finish Matters

When we talk about the finish of the foundation, it somehow depends on the skin texture. Whether you have oily skin type, combination, natural or dry, you can get the dewy finish or mattifying finish, depending on the primer you choose. For example liquid foundation for black women is considered to have a great finish for dry and combination skin types.

Talking about the coverage, it is a matter of personal preferences. Many women use powder foundation for black women in order to avail full coverage while others go for some light or medium coverage foundations. Hence do not mind mixing and matching any two foundations if necessary.

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