4 Simple Post-Work Exercise Ideas For A Fresh Fitness Plan

Fitting in a weekday workout can be difficult, especially if you don’t have time over lunch and you’re not a morning person. The only slot left in your day is after work, and this can often cause a significant dip in motivation, as you’re understandably exhausted from the day’s efforts.

This post, courtesy of the motivational experts and cycle specialists at Start Fitness, will help you devise out a workout for when you leave work!

Run all the way home

Let’s be honest, your commute is a dead time where you’ll not necessarily be doing anything productive, and this is especially true of your journey home. Add to this the frustration of not getting home as quickly as you like, due to the subway, traffic or late buses, and you’ll be in the wrong mindset to tackle your evening workout.

Combining your workout with your journey home is a big time-saver, and you’ll have all the motivation you need to push yourself to achieve a PB – getting home as quickly as you can! To make this happen, make sure to bring your running kit and a small bag to work so you can comfortably carry items home with you, without them impeding your running style.

Explore the neighbourhood

Girl on bike in an urban areaImage: Unsplash

If the idea of a spin class after work gets you down, ask yourself: do you really need your gym membership? Could you put that money to better use by buying a real bicycle and exploring your neighbourhood?

We think this is the perfect way to freshen up a stale workout. Getting home on a summer’s eve and making a plan to conquer a local hill or ride to a beauty spot both burns calories and helps you attune yourself to your local area.

This is something you might not have a chance to do during your normal commuting routine, so make the most of it. Apps such as Strava have gamified neighbourhood rides into time trials, so if you miss the buzz of a competitive gym environment then make sure to give this a try.

Take up a new sport

For some, cardio exercise just won’t cut it. These people need to be chasing something, be it the lead in a soccer match or a point in a racquet sport. After a few hundred miles on a treadmill over the months, most regular gym goers are crying out for a bit of change, and a new sport could be just the tonic.

Taking up a martial art like kickboxing or judo is proven to help you de-stress after a long day at work, while a niche sport such as fencing or korfball will freshen up your exercise regime, and you may even find that you’re very talented at a sport you hadn’t given the time of day to in the past.

Make sure you’re prepped

Timing your meals to incorporate an post-work exercise session is vitally important, as you can feel less than fresh if you’ve just eaten a large meal before embarking on a run. You should aim to work out two to three hours after eating, giving your food time to digest.

Hydrating yourself before a workout is essential too, so make sure you’re eating protein-filled foods and drinking plenty of water through the afternoon so you’re ready to get straight into your workout as soon as you clock off.

silhouette of  couple on bikes at sunset

Image: Pixabay

Whatever you choose to do to bolster your after work fitness plan, this last tip is the most important, because if you’re not at your optimum performance level, you won’t enjoy your post-work exercise as much. This is best avoided as you don’t want your workout to be a chore, it should be a chance to blow off steam at the end of a hard work day.

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