4 Sentimental Gifts and Treats for Your Loved Ones

Finding the right gift can be tough. There are so many ways to approach gift giving. You could be the type that prioritises practicality. So you are on the lookout for things they might need. You could be the type that prioritises luxury. So your purchase expensive items they won’t buy for themselves. It doesn’t matter what kind of gift giver you are because all gift-giving boils down to sentiment. Gifts carry messages: “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I appreciate you”. The best kind of present is one that carries the message over.

When you are looking for sentimental gifts for your loved ones, pay attention to their taste and interests. However, knowing their favourite colours and animals doesn’t solve everything. Long relationships mean that after every year you exhaust the list of things you know about them. When you run out of gift ideas here are some items to get you started:

Personalised writing materials

A person does not have to love writing to appreciate customised stationery or a pen with their name engraved. The customisation factors in their interests and style. They may not be writers, but they can still find a teal blue journal or black fountain pen impressive.

Journals and pens have a way of proving themselves useful without the person knowing. It can be a place to take note of ideas, reminders, and contact information. It can be a place for them to write their thoughts, a place to vent out their frustrations.

Commissioned artwork

There are many approaches to commissioned artwork. If the person is an art lover, you can try to reach out to their favourite artists and commission a piece. It might take a while before the artist finishes the piece, remember to plan this ahead of time. A gentle reminder of your deadline will help those who are particularly busy.

If the person is not a fan of art, commission pieces from an angle. A caricature of them and their loved ones, a painting of their favourite place, or a retouched photo of something they cared about are good alternatives. They will appreciate it based on what the image represents and less about the medium.


Jewellery is not limited to gender or age; the right piece can suit almost anyone. Look out for personalised pieces like fingerprint jewellery which take the unique fingerprint of the person and integrate it into pieces like cufflinks, necklaces, and rings. They might not be a fan of the extra bling, but it does provide them with the option for special events where they need to dress up.

Collection of photos

You can also bank on your shared history together. Photos of memorable events and trips can be retouched and collected in a small book. This collection commemorates the person and your relationship with them. You can play around with the format and the captions—the funnier, the better!

You don’t have to be skilled with arts and crafts to make thoughtful gifts. It is you and your history; it is your thoughts and feelings that make the gift worth giving.

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