4 Reasons Why You Children Should Have A Pet


Your kids have been begging for a puppy, a kitten, a fish, or any kind of animal that they can call theirs. Of course, you may likely have strong reservations about the matter and for a variety of reasons. Still, there are valid and logical reasons on their side of the debate. Here are four viable points on the kid’s side for having a family pet.

Benefits Of Having A Pet

Having a pet is an excellent way for them to learn better responsibility practices.

Being firm and consistent in requiring the kids to be responsible (as much as possible) for their pet is important and gives them something to productive and healthy to involve themselves with. Learning the essential daily responsibilities that accompany pet care teaches kids how to be loving and attentive caretakers. 


Establishing and fairly designating pet care details for each of your kids is essential, of course, but assigning them all the most challenging responsibilities helps them learn stress management early and allows them to learn how to work together as a team and solve problems together.

Advantages Of Caring For A Pet

They learn to be accountable to their parents, each other, and their pets by seeing how important it is that everyone does the job assigned to them that day. All these details should be done at a designated daily time to incorporate scheduling and time management skills into the lessons they will learn through being responsible for the care of a pet.


Kids, especially when they don’t have siblings, find invaluable companionship in pets.

Allowing your kids to have a pet is equivalent to enabling them to have a furry best friend move in with them. The quality of companionship that a boy finds in a puppy growing up with him or that a young girl enjoys with her sweet little kitty is unmatched by most human companionship. 

Only Childs’ Best Friend

This is especially true if you only have one child living with you. Loneliness has serious effects on kids, just like it does on adults. Having a living, breathing, drooling, or purring compadre to play with, tell all their secrets to, cry to when they’re sad, and learn from has amazingly positive results on a youngster who has no siblings, a single parent, or very few friends. 


The most significant part of the companionship between child and pet is the unconditional love between them. And naturally, it’s nearly impossible for Mom and Dad to refrain entirely from falling in love with a loving pet as well. Pets do become part of the family after only a short time together.

The Family’s Guardian

Most family pets, especially dogs, will protect the kids and the family they love.

Having a natural protective instinct is extremely common in most dogs and isn’t unheard of in cats. Of course, it’s unlikely that the family goldfish will leap from its bowl and attack a potential intruder. Animals have a higher sense of smell and better hearing and vision than humans. 


They are also keen on potential dangers that people may be unaware of. There are countless examples of a dog protecting his family from other animals or even other people. But deeper than that, pets save us from ourselves. They give parents and kids alike a sense of purpose and being needed and wanted. 

Emotional Health

These things can combat even the worst sadness and anxiety. In that respect, because pets are often willing to give their lives fighting off a danger to protect their families, it will be highly advantageous to consider the benefits of the best pet insurance for an older dog. Especially when they’re injured or sick, pet insurance can elongate the amount of life the pet will be able to spend with your kids.


Investing in a family pet is also an investment into the memories that your kids and your whole family look back on throughout all of your lives. No matter what type of pet you choose for your kids and families, the animal is bound to do funny, crazy, heartwarming, and all the way around memorable things.

Last Thoughts

Even simple little things like a puppy chasing his tail or a kitten trying to attack the kitty in the mirror (which is, of course, her reflection) can be remembered and shared amongst your family for many years.


So there you have four good reasons that your kids do need a family pet. Be sure to remain realistic concerning what you can expect your kids to do in taking care of your pet. Have fun and take your time selecting your newest family member.


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