4 Outdoor Hobbies To Try With Your Kids This Spring

The winter weather combined with the lockdowns that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic caused a severe strain on everyone’s mental health. Beyond personal emotional challenges, families have faced tension that may have weakened the bonds between them. If this sounds like your family’s situation, you can strengthen those bonds and improve everyone’s mental health by taking up some outdoor hobbies. Here are a few suggestions that can bring everyone together.

Take a Hike

Walking through the woods or mountains can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. Even young children can have fun exploring nature as they follow a trail through the wilderness. When you plan your hike, create a list of things to find on your adventure and give each of your kids a copy of the list. It can also help create separate lists to create a more challenging scavenger hunt for your older kids. You should also make sure everyone is prepared for minor emergencies during your hike. Everyone’s backpack should contain first-aid supplies, a couple of bottles of water, snacks, and a flashlight. You should also bring along a map, a cigarette lighter, and a two-way radio. Your cell phone may lose its charge or signal in the wilderness, so you should make sure you’re prepared to find help without cell service.

Start a Garden

Another fun hobby you can start with your family is to plant a garden together. In addition to doing something fun and outdoors, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your kids about plants and nature. You’ll have to teach them that it’s necessary to protect against the damage that insects can do to plants and people. In addition to having an Atlanta mosquito misting system installed, you should teach your kids about using organic pest control products. These are solutions that don’t use harmful chemicals to get rid of pests, so you can feel comfortable letting your children help with the care of your garden. It will be more fun for them if they can each build their gardens as well. Let them choose what to grow and help them take care of the gardens throughout the changing seasons.

Go Fishing

A time-honored hobby that brings the family together is fishing, and it’s something that doesn’t require much planning. It’s also a low-cost hobby. Beyond paying for your fishing licenses, fishing poles and rods, and tackle boxes, the activity is virtually free. As you spend time on a dock or at a local lake or creek, you can talk about anything that comes to mind. Even if you don’t catch anything, you’ll have that quality time to spend outdoors with your family. You can even make a weekend of it by renting a boat and spending a couple of days out on the water. Getting out farther away from the shore will also increase your chances of catching a larger fish. If you do catch something, you can get a picture and throw it back. However, if you’re experienced in cleaning fish, you can prepare your catch for dinner.

Take a Bicycle Ride

You can combine exercise and fun by getting a bicycle for everyone in your family and taking rides together. If you live near a park, you can ride down to the park, enjoy a picnic, and ride your bicycles back home. Since physical activity is an important daily activity, this will help you make sure everyone in your family is getting enough exercise. Once everyone is more experienced, you can pack up a cooler with water and healthy snacks and take your bikes to more challenging rides. Almost every city has wilderness trails for bicyclists of varying experience levels. Regardless of where you take your bicycles, you should also make sure everyone in the family has protective gear that fits well and is in good condition. Helmets and pads can help you, and your kids avoid serious injuries whether you’re bicycling on a paved surface or along a dirt trail.


You should look for more hobbies to take up as a family, but try to pick things everyone will enjoy. You can let each family member pick a hobby, or you can all vote unanimously on the activities you choose to do together. Whatever you decide to do, only spending time outdoors will help everyone grow closer together as each individual’s mental health receives a positive boost.


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