4 Must-Have Men’s Underwear for Every Structural Body Type

Underwear is arguably the most important garment for men. Wearing the right underwear can keep a man comfortable throughout the day while providing proper hygiene. Unfortunately, most men underestimate the significance of underwear and don’t take shopping for it seriously.

With the thousands of underwear products available today, it might not be easy to choose the one fit for a man’s needs. If you have been searching for mens underwear online for quite some time now, here are the must-have men’s underwear for every structural body type.


Briefs are underwear garments that are characterised by their elastic waistbands, Y-shaped frontal coverage, and full skin coverage of the buttocks. Briefs come in various subtypes, such as mid-rise briefs that reach upwards to the level of the belly button, low-rise briefs that are worn below the waist, and normal briefs that sit right on the waist area.

Since briefs don’t provide skin coverage in the thigh area, this underwear is perfect for men that have larger thighs. It is also ideal for shorter men as it exposes more of the legs, which makes them appear longer. Thus, it makes shorter guys look taller. Briefs are best worn during activities that make use of the legs because it is not too restrictive.

Boxer or Boxer Shorts

Boxers are somewhat the opposite of briefs because it provides full skin coverage for both the front and back thighs. Most boxers have a straight-cut leg opening that follows the same design as casual shorts. Boxers are the perfect underwear for men that have smaller thighs because it makes legs look larger.

Another advantage of boxers is their maximum breathability because of how loose they are. This is beneficial because according to an article by HuffPost, underwear that is too tight can lead to chafing of the skin that irritates. Boxers are the ideal underwear if you use loose-fitting pants, such as sweatpants or track pants.

Boxer Briefs

Boxers briefs have the same design structure as conventional boxer shorts but provide the same tightness as traditional briefs. This underwear is best for taller men and those who have larger posterior thighs and buttocks. If you have been looking for mens underwear online that provides the best support during physical activities, then you should consider boxer briefs.

Boxer Trunks

Boxer trunks are underwear that provides a modern design that has grown in popularity in recent years. This type of underwear is a shorter version of a boxer brief that is perfect for men who have a slimmer body type. This is because boxer trunks provide a tighter fit that can emphasise a man’s thigh and legs, making them look more muscular.

Boxers trunks have a flat-fronted design that does not leave excess fabric around the thigh area. It is the ideal garment to use when you are going to wear skinny jeans or tight-fitting trousers. Some boxer trunks also have an extra pouch on the front for added support.


Wearing the wrong underwear for your body type not only affects your comfortability but can affect your confidence as well. Thus, it is important that you select the appropriate one. The underwear mentioned above are the perfect garments in the market today, and you can never go wrong in selecting them for your next purchase.

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