4 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

There’s nothing fun about moving. First you have to pack everything, move it to another place, unpack it and find a new place for your things. In the meantime, with all the cleaning and having to organize every detail, the stress can be overwhelming. However, when you live in a big city like Melbourne, there are ways to make this process slightly easier and quicker. Here are some of them.

Make a planMake a plan

If you want to avoid the turmoil of doing things at the last second, or forgetting to do something important, you need to have a plan, and you need to have it on paper. Make a to-do list of the small tasks, so that you’re sure you’ve done all of them on time. For example, you don’t want to forget to change your address, forward your mail, or defrost and clean your fridge. You’ll also simplify things if you make a list of the larger things you’re moving, such as furniture, as well as making a rough sketch of where those things will be placed in your new apartment. Finally, make sure all your moving documents are in one place, preferably in a folder or a binder and always within your reach.

Be equipped

The only way your packing will go smoothly is if you’re properly equipped beforehand. For starters, you’ll need boxes, bubble wrap, magic markers and tape. Depending on the size of the boxes you need, you can ask for them in some of many Melbourne’s furniture stores, but also in your local supermarket or corner store, so that you save some money by getting your boxes for free. As far as bubble wrap is concerned, get a bunch of it, so that you can protect your dishes and other fragile things. However, if you end up lacking bubble wrap, you can use your dish cloths, towels and even socks instead. Use your magic marker to label your boxes and make sure everything is tightly sealed with tape once it’s packed.

Get helpGet help

Unless you only have a suitcase or two, which you probably don’t, you won’t be able to move by yourself. If you have friends who are willing to come over and help you, bear in mind that carrying furniture and heavy boxes isn’t easy and that you have to have some food and cold drinks to offer them. Also, you’ll need a van, so if none of your friends owns one, you’ll have to rent one. Another option is to hire a professional moving team with two men and one truck, or even four men and two trucks, like the capable removalists from Melbourne, which will move all the big stuff from your home in no time, and relieve you of worrying about if everything will fit in your hired van and if something will get damaged or broken in the process.

Pack your things wisely

The order in which you pack your things is very important, since you’ll know what to unpack first when you get to your new place. When you pack and label your boxes, a wise idea would be to write what’s inside the boxes and what room they need to go in once they get to their destination. If you’re very organized, you can even number your boxes and make a detailed list of what’s in each one before moving them. Not only will you know exactly what’s where, but by putting numbers on your boxes, you’ll know none of them got lost or stolen. Plus, if there are things you don’t want to take with you or don’t need anymore, sell them or give them away before moving. And above all, don’t forget to pack a box with your toiletries and other essentials, so that you have everything you need the first few nights in your new apartment.

Pack your things wisely

Although it may seem like too much work and patience, moving doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. If you plan things early and well enough, you’ll evade the tension and the mess that moving can become.

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