4 Mini Trampoline Workouts for Big Results

The trampoline was first invented by George Nissen in 1936. Not only are they fun to jump on, but they can also benefit your health.

For one thing, they can strengthen your heart. That’s not all—they can also improve your bone density, balance, coordination, and circulation. If anything, they can be a great break from your regular exercise routine.

Did you recently buy a trampoline? Looking for some mini trampoline workouts that you can do? Then you’re on the right page.

We’ll be sharing some easy at-home exercises below. Find out what they are by reading the rest of the post!

1. High Knee Punches

High knee punches are one of the best exercises that you can do for at home fitness. They’ll activate your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quadriceps, and hip flexors, and that’ll improve your muscular endurance.

Start by jogging on the trampoline. As you’re doing that, raise your knees—you want them to be as close to your chest as possible

Gradually lift your arms so that you can bring your hands up to your chin. From there, start punching with the arm on the opposite side of the raised knee.

2. Ab Rocks

Ab rocks are a great cool-down exercise; they can also help strengthen your core.

Sit at the edge of the trampoline and place your feet flat on the floor. Go down on your back and place your hands behind your head.

Bring your knees toward your chest and begin to rock back and forth—your knees should be kept at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that you’re lowering your back and pushing your abdomen into the trampoline as you’re moving.

Continue for 15-20 minutes.

3. Twists

Trampoline twists can help loosen the lower back. Not only that, but they can also open up the hip area, which can help with sciatica.

Start by standing at the center of the trampoline; your body should be tall and firm. Begin a steady bounce. Twist your legs to one side and your upper body to the other side as you bounce, keeping your hips straight and core tight.

Change to the opposite direction after a few bounces.

4. Seated Bounces

Seated bounces are one of the easiest mini trampoline exercises that you can do, which makes them great for beginners.

Sit at the edge of the trampoline with your feet flat on the ground (remember to keep your knees bent). Push yourself up with your thighs and begin strong, controlled bounces.

You can increase the difficulty of the workout by lifting one or both feet off the ground.

Trying Different Mini Trampoline Workouts

As you can see, there are many mini trampoline workouts that you can do at home. If anything, the most important thing is to stay aware of your surroundings. The last thing that you want to do is to accidentally hurt yourself!

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