4 Causes of Neck Pain From an Improper Lifestyle

Can you barely turn your head because of acute pain after a long working day in the office? Does the aching neck prevent you from tearing yourself off the pillow in the morning? Any discomfort in the cervical spine is a scream of your body for help. Pain in the neck is a fairly common problem. Arthritis or another disease may be the reason for the neck pain. But in many cases, the cause of neck pain is an incorrect lifestyle. Here are the four common lifestyle-related causes of neck pain.

1. You are sitting wrong

The statistic shows that up to 75% of people suffer from chronic neck pain. The design of most office chairs doesn’t take into account the natural shape of the spine. Poor back support and uncomfortable armrests cause most office workers to stoop or lean on the desk with the whole body. Their spine takes the form of the letter C, in which pressure on the neck and lumbar vertebral discs increases. 

Try to discuss the arrangement of your workplace with your superiors. If you (most likely) are refused, try to warm up and change your posture approximately every 30-40 minutes. This technique will preserve blood circulation and provide a life-saving reboot for your spine.

2. You still haven’t quit smoking

Many types of diseases (from lung cancer to diabetes) are somehow related to smoking. This list also includes chronic pain in the cervical spine. Smoking dehydrates the spinal discs and activates the destructive processes in your bones. It leads to increased pressure or displacement of the vertebral discs which is a common cause of pain. If you smoke, your blood vessels may not supply enough blood to your neck and spine.

3. Spend too much time on your phone

When you spend long periods of time on your smartphone, it doesn’t only affect your fingers and eyes. If you hang over the device, this constantly keeps the neck muscles in tension. Imagine that your head is a bowling ball that is barely held on a golf ball stand. When you lower your head down, the ball falls and it takes a lot of effort to return it to its place. Reducing the time spent sitting with a smartphone and simple warm-up every hour throughout the day are easy, but very effective ways to get rid of this problem.

4. You abuse alcohol

Everyone knows that sleeping in an uncomfortable position leads to neck pain, but few people know that drinking alcohol exacerbates this effect. We often change our position during sleep, but those who drank before going to bed cannot feel comfortable at night. Of course, sleeping in an uncomfortable position has other explanations (for example, the shape and softness of your pillow), but this doesn’t mean that you can continue to drink too much alcohol.

Do not neglect neck pain

Acute pain in the neck can occur suddenly, for example, during sharp turns and tilts of the head. Pain can be felt in the head, in the chest or arms. Such phenomena are often the result of neck lumbago or acute muscle spasm. 

Severe neck pain can last 10 days, but it usually passes by itself. If sharp, aching or pulling pain in the neck lasts for a long time and significantly worsens your general condition, you need to seek help from specialists.

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