If you are planning to build bedroom wardrobes, don’t think twice and opt for the design that suits your need and taste. An aesthetic bedroom wardrobe not only changes the face of the room but plays a pivotal role in organizing your essential belongings like clothes, ornaments, shoes or other accessories. However, there are different types of bedroom wardrobes available in the market for the consumers to choose from. They are available in different style, design, color and shape. It can be a dream for some people to have an elegant walk-in wardrobe at home to add more dynamics in the bedroom as well as augment the storage space. However, some prefer a much simpler wardrobe in their bedroom.

Bedroom Wardrobes
Bedroom Wardrobes

However, the selection of the ideal wardrobe depends on your requirement and it should complement the interior space of your house. No one wants to enter a room that is cluttered and disorganized. So they must choose the wardrobe that can help in storing, organizing, and accentuate the beauty of the room. Here, we will discuss the different types of bedroom wardrobes and the reasons for choosing them for your bedroom .

4 Unique Categories of Bedroom Wardrobes:

  • Sliding Wardrobes: These types of wardrobes suit contemporary looking rooms. These sliding door wardrobes are super convenient and specially designed with multiple doors that can be two to four. Two different sides of the wardrobe can be used for two people. But, before you install the sliding wardrobes make sure that you take the right measurement to fit in the wardrobe perfectly. The best part of this wardrobe is that it does not take much space and you can easily utilize the available space in the bedroom for these closets.

  • Hinged Wardrobes: Another common type of wardrobes is hinged closets. It is a simplified design, where the door of the wardrobe opens or closes at its hinges. It is the most conventional wardrobe that can operate both with door handles and without handles. You can lock the wardrobe after use and is an ideal choice for traditional homes. However, it requires more space than sliding wardrobes. You can avail for any design, shades and texture to suit your bedroom.

  • Mirror Wardrobes: If you want to create a visual impact in the room, then you must not hesitate in installing a mirror wardrobe. This can elevate the look of an ordinary and boring room. These custom made wardrobes make the room look more spacious and brightened, as the natural light reflected on the wardrobe creates a mesmerizing effect. It can make a small room look big for the inmates.


  • Built–In Wardrobes: Unlike freestanding wardrobes, built-in wardrobes look more personalized and appealing. If you have an L-shaped corner, you can opt for built-in wardrobe. The acrylic finish gives these bedroom wardrobes a smart look that complements the interior décor of the room. It can fit in any space and you can further add lightings in the wardrobe for greater visibility. Some prefer installing LED strips in the shelves to adorn it with decorative item and enhance the overall look of the wardrobe. It also has enough space for storage due to its deep drawers. However, you can customize the color, style, shape and design of the wardrobe depending on the available height and size of the wardrobe.


Bedroom Wardrobes
Bedroom Wardrobes

We can conclude by saying that you need functional bedroom wardrobes with adequate shelves, drawers, hanging space and shoe racks to store your clothing and other stuffs. Always choose a wardrobe that precisely suits your need and fits your budget.

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