When your business generates a lead, you need to nurture that lead. You mustn’t pressure the individual to purchase something right away just because they reached out to you. There are many methods available to help you nurture your leads, but one of the best ways is to use a direct mail campaign in the ways listed below.

1. Make Lists

Your direct mail campaign may begin after you have started to gather a customer base. This customer base will have various demographics and have multiple reasons to reach out to your company. They may be men and women of all ages and may live in other country areas if you operate on a nationwide scale. The only thing they have in common is that they want your products or services to help them somehow.


When you think that all of your customers want to use your products to help them, you can start making lists. Determine the specific aid that each customer is looking for to provide mailing information to them that is specific to their needs. Make the letters and postcards that you send out personalized, though you may not have time to personalize in great detail all hundreds of letters. For this reason, the lists of customer types will come in handy to make personalized information for each list that still shows the customer you care about.

2. Target Your Customers

As mentioned above, the direct mail you send out should be personalized to specific customer types. You can also further this need to personalize and nurture your leads by clarifying why they need your company. Create messages that are for each group that addresses each of the requirements that they have. Ensure that even the vocabulary you use is specific to the demographic or personality seen within each list you made.


You can also create the information on the mail personalized by providing a PURL or a personalized URL specific to that customer or customer type. Each URL will arrive at your website, but each does have a different word or look to it to draw that specific customer in. Each PURL even comes with analytical tools so that you can trace exactly where these leads are coming from and the steps they take when they arrive on your website. This will help you to learn how to target even more specific leads better after seeing their preferences.

3. Following Up

The final way that direct mail can help to nurture your leads is that it allows you to follow up with your leads. If you use a PURL, as mentioned above, for instance, you can call or email the lead after they visited your website or after they made a purchase. Again, make sure that if you do not hear back, you continue providing contact in some way or form, as this truly is the definition of nurturing leads. You do not want to over-contact them, though, as your customers may see this as annoying and will be reluctant to use your business.


If you have not heard from a lead in a while, use direct mail retargeting strategies. Send out postcards or letters about how much you miss hearing from a certain lead or about a new product that may help them even better than before. You can also send out specific promotions to them that may just push them over the edge to make the purchase that you had been hoping for. You can send many types of information to your contacts through these mail campaigns if you focus on the customers first and foremost.

Final Thoughts

You may think that direct mail marketing techniques are a thing of the past, but they can still benefit you and your company. You can make leads more excited about your business, and you can even encourage leads to access your website. This makes the process of lead conversion much simpler overall.

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