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3 Jobs That Don’t Require An Advanced Degree

There are many different jobs available for everyone in the world. Some of these jobs require you to have an advanced degree which includes you going to college for many years, somebody’s jobs require you to have a certification which will require you to study for a few months and to take a certification test, and some of these jobs you can just hop into right out of college or out of a previous position without any advanced education. This paper will discuss only three of the most common jobs you can obtain without any extra advanced educational degrees. 

Registered Behavioral Technician

Registered behavior technician training is available for anyone who wants to work with other individuals by becoming successful individuals. Advertising managers and promotion managers will manage other people and get their jobs completed successfully. Sales managers are in charge of any sales and promotions going on within their company and being in charge of the people who are selling the products.


Registered behavior technician training is favorable for those who even have minimal education requirements. RBT is a profession where a person is a support person who works under behavior analysis professionals’ supervision. To complete the training program do you have to pass a competency assessment plus an examination of information. Behavioral technicians provide direct assistance to clients individually or in smaller groups. 


They also carry out plans for treatment that have already been put in place by the registered behavior technician with a higher degree. You were going to the guidance of the board-certified behavior analyst in the board-certified assistant behavior analyst. Those who sent the intervention plans in place according to behavioral assessments of each person.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers and promotion managers require less than five years of work experience,  but they also bring home payments of six figures a year. They are responsible for creating and producing campaigns for advertising that is used in media. These advertisements are available on radio, television, the Internet, as well as in print. The point is advertisements are to get information about the products and services available to them. 


Advertising managers and promotion managers can work in many different films. Many other businesses and companies need advertising to be completed to get the word out about their company. So there are many job opportunities out there for advertising managers and or promotion managers.


Sales managers are also everywhere in this job that does not require an advanced educational degree. Nearly every type of business and company could benefit from having a sales manager. 


Especially the ones that need to see and meet sales goals. The sales manager will supervise their team that is at their company. They will monitor what goals have been set, what needs to be done to meet these goals, and whether they have met them. At the end of the quarter or year, depending on how the goals are set, the sales managers will regroup and make new goals that are an easy challenge to meet. 

Sales Position

Sales managers are needed in every retail or commerce business or e-commerce business. This job can be completed on location of the company and remotely or a combination of both.


An advanced educational degree is not required for every available job. If you do a standard search, you will find that some assignments can be done with just a much less costly certificate than an advanced degree. Still, some can also be done with just essential work experience that you might develop as a teenager with your first job. 


When searching for a job, the best idea is to decide what you like to do and what you are good at, and start searching for anything that you can incorporate your skills into. You can also create things for a profit or get a job in which you are creative. If you like being in charge people there are many options for that as well and you do not need an advanced degree.


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