3 Instagram Analytics Tool to Use in 2019

When it comes to Instagram analytics, it is imperative for businesses that need to schedule content, plan their feed, figure out the best time to post photos, monitor Instagram metrics, and learn more about their targeted audience. As you bid adieu to 2018 and embraced 2019, which Instagram tools you should use this year? There are numerous of these tools, and you need to pick the ones that suit your business needs.

According to an article on https://www.entrepreneur.com, MagicSocial is a tool that helps you develop two-way user engagement. It is a must-have tool for brands,which want to create a fan following sans compromising on quality followers. Though this article will not provide a comprehensive list, here are three best analytics tool that you should consider in 2019 when promoting your brand on the photo-sharing platform. Let’s find out now.

  1. UNUM

It is more like an app than an analytics tool, but performs some analytics function, like theme planning on the photo-sharing site. If you want a tool that is easy to understand, fast and helps you know about the performance of your content on the go, UNUM is the best bet for you. The tool offers businesses with the top ten Instagram posts based on user comments and likes. You will learn such details throughout a week, month, or whenever you want, provided you have a plan. It will tell you the best time to post depending on the number of likes and comments that your content receives. Besides, you can also learn how to grow free Instagram likes by researching on the web. UNUM also comes with sentiment tracking options and follower count. It is a paid tool and costs $6.99 per month.

  1. Instagram Analytics

It helps you learn about your profile activity, audience data, and the performance of your content. These basic details will give you an overall idea of your marketing strategy and let you know which of your content is benefiting your brand and which failing to make an impact. The tool shows you data for the last seven days. It is a free tool though, and if you want more advanced analytics tool, you can opt for paid ones.

  1. Sprout Social

It is an analytics tool to help you make a decision based on data related to engagement, growing and building up your audience across social networking platforms. The tool offers insights into your hashtag performance, performance reports, and audience details based on their location. The reports that are ready for presentation can be exported with a single click of the mouse. The feature is super beneficial when you need to convince your existing and potential clients with data. Sprout Social is available for a 30-day trial and costs $99 per month. You can opt for the paid version once you are satisfied with the trial offer.


Try these Instagram analytics tool depending on your business needs and budget. Decide based on factors like content planning, scheduling, or post performance.

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