The present is the digital age where most of the people have access to the internet to better communicate, share information, research, and do more. Especially the little toddlers and teenagers these days are much inclined towards smartphones and desktop to access several websites and social media platforms.

As a parent, you might think of controlling their screen time by investing in a technically enabled Wi-Fi router having parental control features. But most advanced ones are available with a mobile app to control the time limit of the internet for kids to access only relevant content.

You might have heard about router with app control but barely know about the features of such an application. Therefore, check out some of the favourable features of such an app to restrict or block unfavourable websites, set time limits, automatic turn off, and more.

Top 3 Features of a Router Mobile Application

1. Blocking the Apps: Blocking certain websites that are inappropriate for kids is not the only controlling solution. There are certain apps available that kids should not access. Therefore, the router with a mobile app appears with an incredible feature of blocking such applications whenever required. Not just this only, you can also block the apps that appear troublesome for kids be it like any violent app or something that demands your personal identifiable information. To take it as an example, if your kid accesses a tablet during study time, then you cannot restrict educational apps but at the same time block gaming or social apps to avoid any kind of distraction.

2. Setting Time Limits: It is not at all required for kids to stick to their smart devices all day long. There has to be playtime and break in between. The router app allows you to create a streamlined time limit for kids to access the internet and rest it automatically turn off the internet. The app gives you the flexibility to set the time limit of the network connection especially during night time, playtime, mealtime, or at any other point. The idea is to control the total number of hours a kid spends on the internet and access to only relevant content for educational and entertaining purpose.

3. Streamlining Account: There are times when you have multiple children and multiple devices at home. It means multiple username and passwords created by kids that of course hard for you to remember all and track the same. Thus, the router with a mobile app appears with a viable solution of creating a family account on the app connecting all the devices and giving information of all internet-based accounts. In this way, you will be able to track the screen time of all the kids, block certain websites on chosen devices, and fully control the movement for the greater good.

Router app features are not confined to the above points only. There is more to expect giving you total control over internet accessibility at home.

Thinking of buying a Wi-Fi router with parental control feature? If yes, then do know about its mobile app giving the flexibility of controlling the movement of kids while accessing the internet. Simple yet efficient way to manage safe accessibility of relevant and educational websites or apps only.

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