Did you notice that during a conversation your friends and colleagues are trying to stand as far from you as possible? If yes, then it can be a sign that you simply have bad breath. We aren’t talking about some stinky foods such as onion or garlic that can lead to the appearance of the unpleasant odor in your mouth. But there are some drinks that can also influence the smell of your breath.

An unpleasant breath is usually associated with one of three reasons such as acid reflux from the stomach, a nasal drop from air passages, and volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) in the mouth. The fact is that the mouth is a shelter for many types of bacteria that eat the food you eat. When those bacteria eat your meal, they produce smelly VSCs which are responsible for bad breath.

One more cause of bad breath is dehydration. But not all fluids are equally good in this. There are a lot of drinks that nourish bacteria that produce VSCs and enhance smelly breathing. In this article, you will read about drinks which are the most harmful for your breathing and which can really improve your breath smell.

1. Alcoholic drinks

In a study published in the Microbiome journal in April 2018, researchers studied the spit samples for bacterial concentration. More than 1,000 healthy volunteers aged 55 to 84 years took part in this study. Researches found a bigger number of “bad” bacteria that are associated with gum disease in volunteers who reported drinking alcohol. Those bacteria are considered one of the causes of bad breathing. Besides increasing the number of bacteria in the mouth, alcohol can also cause acid reflux, which causes stomach acid to enter the throat and this acid results in an unpleasant smell.

2. Coffee

Millions of people all around the world are fond of coffee. But many of us are upset about one unpleasant side effect known as coffee breath. Coffee has a strong smell and this can cause a stinky odor in your mouth. 

If you believe that replacing coffee with tea is the answer, think again. A big amount of caffeine can dehydrate your mouth, which enhances the smell. This is because saliva washes bacteria and food particles that cause an unpleasant odor. 

3. Carbonated drinks

Soda water and other sparkling sugary drinks have an acid that gives the bubbles we like. And this acid is the main culprit of bad breath. Acids also dry the mouth and that lets bacteria and foods remain in the mouth which causes stinky breath as well.

Bright colored soda water is also harmful. The pigments that are used for coloring are absorbed into the tissues of the oral cavity and stain the teeth. Therefore, it is better to refrain from such drinks in order to avoid the need for teeth whitening procedure.

Drinks that helps to eliminate bad breath

A glass of plain water is always your best bet. Dentists usually recommend drinking at least a few sips of water after eating. It helps to flush out food particles that can cause bad breath. 99% of the saliva is water, so hydration ensures that you produce enough liquid to keep your mouth fresh. Water also has no odor and prevents bacteria from feeding, which means they cannot produce smelly VSCs. When you drink water, it cleanses your tongue of bacteria and their VSC.

If plain water seems too dull, add a little mint leaves to give it a fresh taste. You can make the infusion even more delicious. Take a piece of watermelon and a few basil leaves, put it in a jar and fill the jar with water. Leave the drink in the refrigerator for several hours and enjoy it.

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