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3 Careers to Consider if You Interested in Law

The legal industry is a wonderful field to consider if you want to help people by resolving disputes, advocating for their rights, ensuring everyone remains safe, and more. The most obvious career that you can pursue in this field is that of a lawyer, but there are so many options that are available to you. 


This is especially true if you do not want to go through the many years of law school that is associated with being a lawyer. Though there are a multitude of career options in the legal field, three of the most important are found in the information that is listed below.

1. Lawyer

Though mentioned above as the most obvious choice, a lawyer is a great career to pursue if you have the willpower to complete law school. It is a great career to enter if you want to advocate for the rights of others or for the justice system to pursue its job correctly. 


You can become a drug charges attorney, for instance, in which you advocate for individuals who have been indicted on drug crimes and may now be looking to turn their lives around. If you do not want to deal with criminal activity, you can become a divorce lawyer where you help to navigate the disputes within marriage so there is a clean break. There are even lawyers for bankruptcy or lawyers who work for the government called district attorneys.

2. Paralegal

A paralegal is another option in the legal field if you want to have some of the same duties as a lawyer without the schooling involved. You work as an assistant to the lawyer, but you often will engage in many of the same actions that the lawyer does without directly practicing what is required by lawyers. You can maintain contact with the clients of the office and can even have interviews with the clients to discuss the needs that they have. 


You can even conduct private investigations in which you try to find evidence for a case, including interviewing any witnesses that may come with you to trial. As a paralegal, you may even have to provide intensive amounts of documentation to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all legal standards are being met.

3. Compliance Officer

The final career to be discussed that encompasses the legal field is a career as a compliance officer or analyst. If you are interested in the law regarding healthcare or financial businesses especially, this is a wonderful career option for you to pursue. You meet with businesses to ensure that they are meeting the requirements and are compliant with all of the laws set forth by all levels of government. It is up to you to find these businesses or to issue some type of warning if you notice that they are in violation. This helps to avoid lawsuits and ensures that all clients that you work with are practicing legally within their greater jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

The legal industry has so many other career paths to pursue other than just those listed above including a secretary for a legal office, a detective, and even a judge. These three above are just some of the fastest-growing career fields that will likely always have openings available. 


If you want to go through the education required, pursue a path that allows you to be a North Carolina criminal defense attorney or even as a judge in the future. If you would rather focus on the here and now and find a job with good pay in the legal field, consider a job as a compliance officer or as a paralegal.


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