It is so important for you to do and consume everything that you can so that you can live a healthy and well life. You are unable to truly enjoy the quality that life brings unless you are healthy. There are many foods you can consume that can aid in your health, including the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil as seen below.

1. Longer Life

Extra virgin olive oil, believe it or not, has the potential to allow you to live longer. Many individuals try to consume a small amount of it on a daily basis, whether that be just a tablespoon or an entire shot full. There have been plenty of famous individuals who have been known for following this routine who are well in their years including Queen Elizabeth II. If you do not want to drink the extra virgin olive oil straight, you can even drizzle it on top of your salad or meal.


This section is not to say that extra virgin olive oil is a miracle worker in that it will automatically make you live for long years. What it is though, is a superfood that has many nutritional qualities to it as a healthy fat. You can receive many of the daily nutritional supplements you need from this food including antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are known for improving health overall. When you are getting a large quantity of these nutrients from this superfood, you are almost guaranteed to feel much healthier overall.

2. Improved Cardiovascular Health

A specific bodily system that benefits from the consumption of extra virgin olive oil is your cardiovascular system, which is directly linked to heart health. Heart disease is, unfortunately, one of the primary causes of a shorter life span and even death when considering heart attacks. By consuming healthy fats though, you have the potential to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and in turn, to improve your cardiovascular health. This may seem counterintuitive in that fats may cause health problems, but healthy fats can drastically make your body run in a much healthier manner.


A high level of omega-3 fatty acids in your bloodstream primarily, according to studies, has reduced your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the number one causes of heart attacks and other cardiovascular concerns, so it is a very important vital sign that you should monitor. There may be a pay-off, however, as naturally, there is a higher level of fatty acids in your blood which could lead to higher cholesterol. You should consult a medical professional if you already have high cholesterol and even if you already have high blood pressure that you are trying to get taken care of.

3. Better Mental Health

The final health benefit of consuming extra virgin olive oil is that your mental health will become much improved. One of the antioxidants that are found in this oil is called polyphenol, and it aids in concentration and in improved mental clarity. Vitamin E can aid in redirecting your neural pathways, especially if you have had a stroke or some other type of trauma to your brain. Vitamin K also helps to give you a certain focus, and it has proved to be successful in the prevention of dementia and other memory-related diseases.


Some even state that if you consume extra virgin olive oil every day, you can reduce your symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is especially true if you use this oil to replace any unhealthy fats that you are using in your home, including margarine and even vegetable oil. There do need to be more studies on the effects that food has on mood disorders, but so far, patients have been satisfied. It is important to find any way that you can to relieve yourself of these negative symptoms that you experience on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, extra virgin olive oil is a superfood that is full of healthy fats, antioxidants, and plenty of nutrients. It can help you to live a longer life as it improves your cardiovascular health and many other bodily systems. It even has the potential to improve your mental health which will reduce stress in the end.

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