2021 New Year Resolution: Declutter Your Home

With a new year brings new starts and beginnings, making January the perfect time for us to declutter and create a fresh home. Organising your home will instantly refresh your home and help you prepare for the year ahead.

So, stop what you’re doing and put decluttering your home on the top of your 2021 resolutions list and be inspired by these tips and tricks from the furniture experts at London-based bespoke furniture design studio, Barbara Genda:

First Impressions Matter

As first impressions count, it’s a good idea to start with your home’s entryway and hallway, which often become a dumping ground for dirty shoes, coats, umbrellas, and dog leads.

Storage benches and hall stands are great for injecting personality into your hallway and providing ample storage. Smaller entryways would benefit from a coat rack or slimline cabinets to keep things organised.

Declutter Your Living Area

The living room can often become cluttered from all members of the family. The best thing to do when organising your living room is to create designated zones for storage.

For bigger ideas, a media unit is the perfect piece of furniture for anyone with a television, gadgets, books, or ornaments to display. With plenty of storage to hide away unsightly items, a media unit maximises floor space.

Organise Your Kitchen Shelves

Kitchens can become cluttered quickly, given the amount of time we spend cooking. No matter where you store your food, be it open-shelves, cupboards or a pantry, it’s amazing how many food items managed to get lost and forgotten about.

Start decluttering by removing all stored items and binning anything unusable or out of date. Next, wipe your shelves down and re-organise. Consider storage containers to house all your kitchen supplies.

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