2020 Pisces Horoscope

About Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign which spans on its celestial longitude from 330° to 360°. Symbolized by Fish sign, this zodiac is ruled by planets, Neptune and Jupiter. This Mutable sign is of Water element. People born under this sign are said to be compassionate, intuitive, musical, and escapist. The best love match for this sign is Virgo, as per Vedic astrology. Spirit color of Pisces is sea green. The two fishes representing this sign in pictorial trait are portrayed swimming in opposite directions. This portrayal means that Pisces natives dwell in two opposite directions of thinking patterns – between fantasy and reality.

Pisces Physical Attributes

The physical attributes of Pisces individuals are that they have dimples on their face and are also said to be endowed with the light blue eyes. It is believed that some Pisces people have walking stance similar to that of a fish, which seems like they are walking on their fins. One of the physical attributes describes that Pisces people take short steps and probably you may notice that they tend to shift their body weight from one foot to the next, or it is astrological described. Pisces women are endowed with buxom feature and a womanly physique with stout legs and thighs.

Pisces Mental Attributes

Because Pisces are represented by two fishes swimming in opposite direction from each other, it is believed that Pisces natives have duality of thoughts, running between fantasy and reality. Due to being the final astrological sign of the zodiac family of twelve, Pisces represent the idea that this sign has taken in everything that the life has offered as a lesson. Meaning, they have experienced both the sweet and sour, joys and pains, and have assimilated these experiences. This explains as to why Pisces signs are so psychic and compassionate because of their tremendous understanding and sensitivity of life at large. When they see that people see them “complicated” than others, they get frustrated and defensively guard their emotional values. However, these signs are in tune with the magic of day to day existence. They find beauty in all situations.

Pisces Zodiac Sign and 2020 predictions

Pisces zodiac sign have their physical and mental attributes in certain order that set them apart from the rest of other zodiac signs. In coming year of 2020, due to planetary transit and certain changes in celestial bodies, the life of Pisces natives are bound to experience certain twists and turns. Therefore, 2020 predictions are best guidebooks for them to be able to get the cues of astrological occurrences and manage to live their year 2020 blissfully.

Planetary Influences on Pisces in 2020

As said before, ruling planets of Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is associated with spirituality and idealism. It is also related to empathy and imagination, which means the natives are driven to empathy due to planetary influence of Neptune in their horoscope. On negative side, the same planet reflects illusion, deception, confusion and extreme sensitivity, which explain further as to why Pisces natives guard their emotional values to themselves under the fear that they will be misconstrued by other people. Jupiter represents faith, positivism and optimism, which explains further as to why Pisces natives stay grounded and hope for the best in every situation they are involved in.

Importance of New Year 2020 Horoscope Predictions For Pisces

Do you want to know how your year 2020 will be like for your life, Pisces? New Year 2020 horoscope predictions for Pisces are our comprehensive guidebooks that will assist you fathom your life and manage everything positively.


Life is always uncertain. We can’t say what next things can spell their results in our life. Therefore, 2020 Pisces Yearly Horoscope predictions are essential guidebooks for Pisces natives, enabling them to get better understanding of their future for the year 2020, and be able to steer ahead in their life and attain wishful success.

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