The sky-rocketing budget of the wedding catering gives every couple some serious headache and worries. Apart from a wedding venue, wedding catering constitutes the major chunk of the overall wedding budget.

The principal problem in front of most of the couples is how to keep the wedding catering budget on the check without compromising a bit in the quality and the variety of wedding food menu.

When planning for a lip-smacking and diverse wedding food menu, you have to render painstaking attention to a lot of aspects like your guests’ list size, audience taste, variety of dishes, and uniqueness.

One efficacious way to ease the burden of wedding catering off your shoulders is by hiring renowned wedding caterers in Ludhiana. They are proficient, they have the experience, and they can handle the wedding catering of any size.

Another effective and perhaps the finest budget-friendly way to create an ultimate and frugal wedding food menu is to follow our an all-inclusive guide on how to save money on wedding food while maintaining the taste and diversity of the menu. Let’s get started.

  1. Plan Your Plate Wisely

Though you can literally create a garish wedding food menu with uncountable appetizers, however, it doesn’t mean your guests will like the menu or will be flattered by its sheer diversity.

Instead of mindlessly adding the different appetizers, sit down with the wedding caterer and plan your plate wisely. Keeping in mind the general taste, pick up those starters, main course dishes, and desserts that everyone’s love to eat.

Plummet the number of unnecessary dishes, and keep only essential few that will propel your guests to lick fingers.

  1. Hire Local Caterer instead of Roping in a Renowned Brand

The problem with roping in top-notch wedding caterers is they have a name to maintain in the market. So, they will only show you the big fat wedding food menu which undoubtedly looks good on the paper, but not in actuality.

Hiring a Local caterer who has a much better understanding of local people taste surely help you to save big bucks. Not only they will charge you much less than the big-shot caterers, but also they will pour down their heart in creating your menu because they have to make a name in the market.

Chances are that you will get a professional staff who are equally competent and care about your event.

  1. Bring Family Members on Board

Every family has some hidden gems who are the master of culinary skills and can even beat the wedding caterer in taste.

In a rural Indian wedding, still, most of the family members prefer to cook the food on their own rather than hiring a wedding caterer. If your family has those hidden culinary gems, ask them to showcase their talent and prepare toothsome wedding food for guests.

Make sure the guest list size is small if you are involving your family member in the catering task. They also want to be the part of the auspicious occasion rather than cooking dishes somewhere in the corner.

  1. Create Combos of Dishes to Save Big

Have you ever noticed that most of the individuals prefer to take their meal in combos at outlets like Mcdonald, Domino’s, or the Subway?

The reason is combo dishes cost less to customers, and they also get to try a variety of food items. One of the best options to save huge money on wedding food is to come up with combo dishes. In that way, you can reduce the number of dishes, raise the quality, and save some serious bucks.

You can make the combinations of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods that your guests will find intriguing. Some renowned wedding caterers provide this option to customers as it works out cheaper compared to ordering completely vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

  1. Make the Perfect Combination of Buffet and Sit-Down System

While older people prefer the sit-down system for enjoying wedding food, younger ones love to enjoy their meal having a chit-chat with others.

Keeping in mind both the age group, create an arrangement which is the perfect blend of buffer and sit-down system. In that way, everyone will enjoy the food, and it will cut down the food wastage. Have words with your family members and local caterer to implement this methodology in an effective way.

When using this approach, also take into account the wedding seating and floating capacity.

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