Love never gets out fashion, and engagement is always a beautiful and important moment. Whether it’s a diamond or paper ring, the message and the essence is always the same. Still, some of us give some more importance to the form as well, and to make sure it’s not only in accordance with our feelings but also in accordance with the latest trends.

Regardless whether you’re the bride to be, giving hints to your beloved one, or the groom to be looking for some life-saving advice, here are a few hints on what and where to look for the engagement season 2018, in this case, the season you’ll remember forever.

Chevron Bands

This is something that really stands out and looks great! Instead of the usual oval rings, try the v-shaped one. It can also fit in fantastically into your ceremonial set afterwards. Some of the brands offer a whole range from more oval to more pointy shapes, so you can still find some medium solution for yourself (or your bride) even if you’re still more on the traditional side. So there are some more shallow bands, while the other ones are with a deep, sharp v. Whatever you choose, it will definitely draw attention and be really special.

Open Engagement Rings

This is another non-traditional, yet more and more popular trend in engagement rings. Whether you opt for a sleek stacking design with a discreet diamond accent, or you want big shine stone (in this case, you can get two), this can be a good choice. This design is alternative, yet looks like a timeless classic.

What’s more, it can be personalized, especially if you choose the one with stones, so you can choose their shape, size, and color, and combine different options for the two gems. This model really offers so many possibilities and choices, and whatever you decide, you can hardly go wrong.

Delicate Silhouettes

Elegance is definitely evergreen and never really gets out of fashion, and is going to be even more present on the scene this season. Elegant, thin bands allow the stone to really pop up and be in the center of attention. If you choose this option, make sure the ring is die-struck, since the band is usually quite thin so you want to make sure it’s very durable and of excellent quality.

Also, since the gemstone in normally quite massive, you’ll want it well protected, so this type of jewelry is definitely the best option for delicate rings. Learn more about die struck rings here

Three-Stone Rings

Engagement rings with three stones are quite a new trend that has gained popularity. They are also said to be quite symbolic since the three gems represent the couple’s past, present, and future. Three gemstones are the basis, but this model can vary from pure classic to complete avant-garde and originality, depending on your personal style. Some couples turn to elegant and delicate design, with a discreet band and too overstated stones. Others can choose between more alternative nature-inspired, sculpted gemstones, or the three-stone model combine with the very popular halo design.

Non-traditional shapes, colors, and materials

Oval stone is no longer the only and obligatory option, so more and more people opt for different shapes. For instance, angular shield cut can look absolutely amazing. Such rings can really be a statement of your unique style and aesthetics. Differently shaped stones can be combined with less common gemstone colors for engagement rings, such as aquamarine blue, or with less traditional silhouettes as well, to add up to this uniqueness and originality. Finally, why not be absolutely outstanding and choose a not so common material such as black rhodium for your engagement ring. Indeed, the options are limitless, yours is just to say yes.  

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