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1O Adorable & Easy To Do Mehendi Designs for Kids - Likeitgirl

1O Adorable & Easy To Do Mehendi Designs for Kids

Majority of the wedding rituals are fettered up to bride and groom only. Among all the Indian wedding rituals, Mehendi ceremony is one such ritual in which family members of all age groups take part and draw beautiful Mehendi designs on their hands. Often kids miss out the Mehendi ceremony as there is very modicum of Mehendi designs which suits their little hands well.

Nobody wants to break the heart of kids especially when everybody is busy creating Mehendi on their hands and they are watching you in a gullible way. For the love of kids, we have collated some adorable Mehendi designs for kids whom they would love to have on their hands and bring glitter in their eyes. 


1. Glitter Mehendi Designs

Kids immensely love glitter and sparkles. An easy to do and simple Mehendi designs will glam up those puny hands and fill them with excitement. Ask your Mehendi artist to stick to the simple patterns and add glitter between the gaps of designs.

2. Floral Designs

There are very few things in the world that fascinates the kids as much as the flower. Little flower designs on palms with leaves blooming out will look super cute on kids. You can ask Mehendi artist to draw a strip of flowers on their strip to give Mehendi design a fuller look.

3. Minimalistic Mehendi Designs

Possibly the most appropriate Mehendi design for kids. Minimalistic Mehendi designs usually comprise simple patterns and little dots around them. These types of Mehendi designs are adorable and kids would love to flaunt them.

4. Star Mehendi Designs

Star, sun, and moon are the biggest source of wonder for any kind. Most kids love to talk about stars and what’s better than an enticing starry Mehendi design on their hands for them? 

5. Funky Mehendi Designs

Funky designs are bit intricate but trust us they are wonderful options for your kids. In funky Mehendi designs, there are a plethora of patterns that could be tried on various occasions and add more cuteness to your little tots. Funky designs cover complete area of hands and look more graceful on those cute little hands.

6. Mandala Mehendi Designs

These Mehendi designs have circular patterns and are suitable for almost all the occasions. Mandala Mehendi designs comprise complex geometric patterns that will flabbergast your little one and put them in a state of wonder.

7. Front Finger Mehendi Designs

Finger Mehendi designs are usually groovy and take little time for creation. You can ask Mehendi artist to create small beautiful patterns on the front side of the fingertips of your kids. It will make their hands look beautiful and mesmerizing.

8. Finger Bands Mehendi Designs

If you want some simple but creative Mehendi design on your kid hands then, finger bands Mehendi designs are an ideal option to consider. Heena finger bands will look amazing and adorable on little fingers of kids.

9. Peacock feather Mehendi Designs

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds we know and peacock feather is something which is extremely captivating. The sheer beauty of peacock feather can mesmerize anyone and same can be used as the Mehendi design. When you have no kids Mehendi design ideas in your mind, jump straight on to peacock Mehendi design. It is something out of the box and will look outstanding on those cute little hands.

10. Cartoon Mehendi Designs

The cartoon characters hold a significant place in a kid’s life. Most of the kids love one or other cartoon characters. What’s better than drawing your kid’s favorite cartoon character Mehendi on their hands? It will put a huge smile on their face and they would love to flaunt cartoon Mehendi.

To make the Mehendi ceremony special, you should hire some specialist Mehendi artist in Bangalore who can draw stunning Mehendi designs within the budgeted price.  After all not every day you get the chance to put Mehendi on hands!

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