The holiday season is around the corner, and many women are looking for that perfect gift. Are you out of ideas? Don’t worry. A slight brain freeze is highly common when holidays are approaching.

If you want to take care of your gifts in advance, the time to start is now. Even though Christmas sales aren’t there yet, you can still find appealing offers.

We’ve created a nice collection of gift ideas for your husband. We bet you can find the perfect one before the end of the article. Read on!


1. Flashlight

Are flashlights boring? Not when their design is highly futuristic and compact. Even if your husband doesn’t usually need extra light, he’ll love such a gift. Today, you can find a variety of flashlights with futuristic designs and a huge number of features. If your man is still a boy at heart, this gift is bound to make him happy.

2. A Wooden Map

Is your husband a geography buff? Or maybe he has always wanted to learn world capitals? You can order a custom-made map of the world or of any country separately. You can hang it on the wall, killing two birds with one stone: a happy husband and a nice addition to the décor.

3. Personalized Mouse Pad

Personalized pens are losing their popularity. Who writes a lot these days, anyway? Meanwhile, computer accessories, such as keyboards and mice are something each man uses every day. Personalized mouse pads are a great gift. You can also personalize a keyboard or a mouse with best wishes and phrases only the two of you can understand.

4. Sexy Underwear

Not for him. For you! You can give both of you a gift by choosing an appealing set of undies or maybe a pair of beautiful stockings. Such a gift could really spice up your husband’s holiday season. We bet he’ll remember it for a long time after.

5. Smart Watch

Smartwatches are extremely popular these days. So if your husband doesn’t have one yet, it’s an excellent gift to consider. Take the time to study your options to ensure the watch is compatible with the smartphone or other gadgets he is using.

6. Varsity Jacket

The best part about a varsity jacket is that it fits virtually any outfit. According to experts at VarsityBase, it is possible to find such a jacket for your husband to wear on any occasion. Just take your time browsing the options and keeping your loved one’s preferences in mind. To be on the safe side, choose a store with a simple return policy.

7. Backpack

Today, the majority of men prefer backpacks to carry all the necessary stuff to work. A stylish backpack is an excellent gift. Even if your partner is an executive, who prefers briefcases, you can consider buying an attractive backpack for traveling.

8. Suitcase

Does your husband fly frequently? A high-quality suitcase is something he is likely to appreciate. Just make sure you buy the right size so he can take it on board the plane to avoid luggage claim delays.

9. Professional Poker Set

Is your husband a poker fan? Then he’ll love a professional poker set. Choose a stylish briefcase with chips and high-quality plastic playing cards. You can even find one with a card-dealing machine inside. It will make his evenings with friends much more exciting.

10.   Leather Passport Holder

Are you planning a trip? Or maybe you want to hint that it’s time for travels? Give your husband a leather passport holder. Any man will appreciate such an excellent gift. You can choose one that has slots for cards as well.

11.  Baseball (Football) Cap

Is your hubby a big sports fan? Then you probably have a good idea of which teams he loves. Visit one of the official online stores to buy a baseball cap with his team’s name on it. If he already has a few, choose a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. When you are a big fan, you can never have enough paraphernalia.

12.  Slippers

Do you want your husband to feel comfortable on cool winter evenings at home? Consider buying him a pair of cozy slippers. Every time he puts them on, he’ll think about you. Make sure they are made of soft and natural materials.

13.  Headphones

If your husband is a big fan of music or perhaps loves playing computer games, he’ll love a headphone set. Take some time to research the best options available on the market today. You are likely to find one that suits your budget. Your husband will definitely say thank you.

14.  Bathrobe

Bathrobes are something men rarely buy for themselves. But they are always happy when they get one. Find a soft and cozy bathrobe in his favorite color. Your husband is likely to be extremely happy with the gift.

15.  Rare Alcohol

Even though booze is not something that comes to mind first, rare alcohol is an excellent gift. Expensive whiskey is what many men appreciate. So if your husband is one of them, take the time to find something special in a bottle.

16.  Mobile Gadget

Who doesn’t enjoy gadgets? Your husband is hardly an exception. He’ll probably love a new smartphone or a tablet. If such a gift seems too expensive, consider buying him an unusual or personalized smartphone case.

Take the above list and add a little imagination. You are bound to find an ideal gift for your loved one today. 


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