My First Travel Journey with my 7-month-old baby

When you travel, all you care about is how to make yourself happy but when you travel with your child (especially a baby), you start worrying, in addition to the non-stop attention they will need, you start asking yourself: Will they cry in the plane? Will they have a good night sleep?

Well, maybe my story will help you with some tips on how to travel with your baby without stress or worry.

The first tip you have to know is that you should not travel far. Choose a destination that is near your home. Since I am Australian and Australia is a continent by itself, I had several options where to travel. Additionally, it was awesome because the weather in Australia during the winter is not that rigid and temperatures are a bit lower. I managed to find great deal over this online platform, and then just got back to packing up my luggage.

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Most people tend to pack too many clothes when they travel, because – girls, and because – babies, but double check every item if you really need it. Make sure you are packed with enough diapers and wipes for the baby as well as their favourite toy, or anything that will keep the baby calm during the flight.

As for the heavy stuff like the car seat or the crib, at your destination, you will find rental companies that can probably rent you a car with the car seat and what your baby needs. Rivoli advises that a stroller is a necessity. “There are so many situations where you need to strap the baby in for a few minutes: a restroom, or a hotel room that needs baby-proofing. Sometimes it’s handy just to be able to stroll her to sleep in a strange place,” the author says.

When you pack, make sure to bring a hat to protect your baby from the sun and a sunscreen as well. According to Babycenter, “Sunscreen is a must if you’ll be spending time outdoors – no matter what season. Use one with both UVA and UVB protection that’s at least SPF 15.”



Another tip is regarding your transportation. Are you going to travel by car plane or train? With a 7-month-old infant, the transportation extremely matters. If you are going on a road trip, make sure to know that the ride “will take twice as long with a baby,” says Rivoli. You will need to stop every once in a while for breaks.

If you are on a plane and your baby’s ears hurt them from air pressure, I suggest a pacifier, or a thumb to suck on. When it comes to booking seats, since my girl is a 7MO old, we didn’t have to book one. According to Jetstar, an Australian airline, “If you’re happy to nurse your infant on your lap, they can travel for free on all domestic flights within Australia, Japan, Vietnam and New Zealand, and international flights between Australia and New Zealand.” Hence, the plane crew will provide you with all the necessities such as an exceptional seat belt for your infant which is connected to your own seat belt.

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Health guide

Before you travel, your baby should take all the vaccinations needed. Depending on where you are traveling, you should know what vaccinations your child must take. The flu vaccination is always important because you wouldn’t want to risk having a sick baby while traveling. Better safe than sorry! It is also good to bring all your infant medications as well as bringing a first-aid kit that provides the supplies you may need if any minor medical problems happened.

As for the last tip, traveling is a fun experience, always remember that. It is supposed to freshen your mind, not burden it. If you’re a first time mum like me, yeah, you’ll probably panic a little, but it’ll amaze you how capable you will be to bear with anything that happens.

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