13 Tips for Spicing up Your Gym Wear

Did you know when surveyed, 9 out of 10 people felt motivated to work out when they put on their workout gear? If you want to learn more about activewear outfit ideas, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best gym wear to add to your wardrobe.

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  1. Spin Wear

Intense workouts, like SoulCycle, can still benefit from a stylish outfit. Stay concentrated on your training and avoid wearing loose pants and tops.

Go for high-performance fabrics that have cooling or wicking fabrics. Look for fitted tops, supportive bralettes, and high-performing leggings.

Invest in performance fabrics with spandex. The material will stretch with your body as you work out.

  1. Pick up Neon Workout Shoes

The bright colors in fitness wear were popular in the 1980s. Neon shoes have become popular again, and you’ll find tons of sneakers on the market with bright colors.

Have fun wearing bright shoes that are functional and cute. Swap out your grey, white, and black sneakers for atomic tangerine, blizzard blue, or laser lemon sneakers.

  1. Try Metallic Fitness Pieces

Neon might be a bit much to add to your fitness wardrobe. Instead, consider adding metallic variations of traditional colors.

Enjoy metallic blue, gold, or copper. Go for the traditional pastel pink, white, or black, with the added metallic variation.

  1. Yoga Wear

Consider layering different pieces when heading to yoga. Layering your fitness clothes will allow you to feel comfortable at different temperatures.

Pick shoes that are simple to slide off and on. Try bralettes, pullover hoodies or tops, and printed leggings. You can wear a jacket over your hoodie for a casual look when you head to the studio.

  1. Sport Bra Tops

A few years ago, sports bras were essential workout gear that got hidden below tank tops and t-shirts. Now, sports bras are a fashionable part of a fitness outfit and remain a necessity.

You can get sport bra tops in different colors, fabrics, and shapes. Bra tops offer more coverage compared to bras. The pieces come with extra padding.

You can get the top in an endless variety of shapes, patterns, and cuts.

  1. Running Wear

Go for a run with performance wear that will work well. Wear the right sneakers so you can avoid injuries. Make sure you have full-coverage tops, so you have added support during the run.

Fitted pants will help you avoid sagging material while working out. Pick up comfy sneakers, cropped leggings, and breathable shirts. You could also wear a baseball cap or bright sneakers.

  1. Try Mesh Leggings

Mesh leggings are a popular gym wear trend. The meshed fabric has now gotten added to other sports clothing. Mesh panels are on bra tops and sports bras.

The v-shaped mesh panel on the neckline will give bras the same ease and comfort as t-shirts.

Pair your metallic or neon bra with a mesh top. The large mesh patterns rule in gym apparel fashion. They add a layer of clothing and show what you wear below.

  1. Gym Wear

Make your gym wear fashionable by mixing your different footwear, bottoms, and tops.

If you want to wear your printed tee, consider pairing it with classic dark leggings. If you wear a black tank or tee, pair it with a colorful bralette.

Change your outfits for the gym, so you feel motivated and fashionable. Make sure you have plenty of sports bras, loose tees, and trendy sneakers.

Backpacks are a functional accessory to store your sweatshirt, bottle, and towel.

  1. Add Accessories

You can complete your athletic appearance by adding a few accessories. Look for sleek and sporty pieces. Pick up a stylish backpack, a pair of aviator sunglasses, or a baseball cap.

You can also add jewelry. Jewelry adds a stylish touch to an athleisure look. A thin chain necklace or small silver hoop earrings will look great.

  1. What About Workout Shorts?

If you love to wear shorts, start searching for a pair that are made with sweat-wicking material. Look for shorts that feature a stretchy waistband and offer enough coverage.

You can wear an inner brief to add more coverage. If you like tighter shorts, look for a pair that grips around the thighs. This way, they won’t ride up too much.

  1. Go for a Neutral Color Pallet

You can also wear neutral tones. Black and neutral tones will help you appear stylish. Wear your active wear as regular clothing when you choose more neutral pieces.

The focus is on comfort and minimalism. You will be able to wear any colored sneakers.

  1. Try Vintage Pieces

Consider wearing jogger pants. The sleek design of the jogger pants has become a fashion staple for women. You can pick up different styles and fits.

The pants are popular in the colder months because of the narrow hemline.

  1. Hiking Wear

Do you love to go hiking in the mountains? If you’re exploring the great outdoors, wear items that are comfortable and protects you from the sun.

Get a comfortable pair of leggings and a breathable top. Look for a windproof and light jacket.

If you’re still looking for gym wear ideas, check out the new women’s active wear brand.

Start Picking up New Gym Wear Pieces

We hope this guide on different gym wear was helpful. Pick up trendy but high-performing workout pieces. You’ll enjoy working out more and feel fashionable as well.

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