13 Activities on Your Son To On His Birthday

Planning your child’s birthday is an exciting activity but also one that can be pretty stressful too. Parents spend an average of £800 to £1000 on each birthday which means you need to start saving months before if you want to keep up. It’s as though you need business finance to keep your family running!

However, have you ever thought about whether there are different ways to spend a birthday? Ones where you can spend a lot less money but do a lot more, without the expense and stress? Here’s 13 activities you might not have thought of for your son’s birthday, that give you precious time together without breaking the bank.

Go on a camping trip

Instead of spending the day at home, why not spend it in the great outdoors and take your son on a camping trip. The excitement can start the night before the birthday with toasted marshmallows by a campfire and if you’re lucky with the weather, a birthday BBQ. If you go with a group of friends, take outdoor games like rounders, football and water guns, and you have a readymade party too! Play games, appreciate the natural beauty, sit beside a campfire and have a great laugh. It’s a birthday your son will never forget.

Have a barbecue

Skip the stress and expense of a traditional birthday party with all its costly obligations to keep guests smiling with a professional entertainer and disco, and to send guests away with loot bags full of toys, and instead invite all your son’s friends and family members over for a barbecue. Light the fire in your backyard, buy a bunch of sausages and burgers, and cook together. Make the whole atmosphere into a carnival and party as late as everyone wants to stay, and the sun stays shining.

Day trip to favourite place

Kids don’t often get the chance to pick the agenda for a whole day. Ask your son where he would like to go on his special day this year. Book the tickets for a train or a bus ride for an extra bit of adventure. Make him feel that this birthday is all about him and he is free to enjoy it with the things he most loves. Be it going to an amusement park, a famous city attraction, or a museum, he will really appreciate the fact that the day is full of the things he loves.

Favourite restaurant and food

Take your son to the place he loves eating the most. If it’s a restaurant, make sure you book in advance to avoid any disappointment, and make arrangements for a special customised event. Most restaurants will happily put up balloons or banners in advance and bring out a lit cake for you, if they know you’re celebrating a child’s birthday. Nothing caps off a fantastic day better than eating at the place you love the most. Order his favourite food or let him decide what he wants to eat.

Invite friends for a sleepover

Inviting your son’s friends for a sleepover is sure to raise the excitement levels. Go to the supermarket and buy loads of snack foods, treats and drinks. Decorate the house and set up a mini cinema. Let the kids enjoy staying up late for once, watching movies, playing games and making lots of noise! If you’re a really fun (and very relaxed!) parent, don’t put any restrictions on how long they can stay up or watch television.

Watch a movie together

Plan and book tickets to watch a film your son is excited about. If there’s a new movie for kids being shown in the cinema, then that’s as good as it gets. Enjoy the film with a drink and popcorn in a relaxed atmosphere, and maybe take one of his friends along for company too. But if no such option is available, then buying a DVD of his favourite movie and spending time watching it at home is still an excellent choice.

Birthday scavenger hunt

The moment your son wakes up he should know he’s on a scavenger hunt to find his birthday gift. Tell him about it at the breakfast table and give him his first clue. Keep on moving it step by step until you reveal the ultimate surprise. It’s an activity that is enjoyable for kids of all ages and makes it a memorable birthday.

Watch their favourite team sport

If your son loves sports, then gift him tickets to watch his favourite team’s match on his birthday. Buy tickets in advance, so there are no last minute hiccups. If the prices are too high or the place too far, then don’t worry. Enjoying the sport he loves can still be a pleasant experience for him even if it’s in the vicinity with local teams playing.

Travel over the weekend

A quick short trip over the weekend to a relaxing place or somewhere your son has always wanted to go can be another masterstroke. You don’t have to spend too much, pick a nearby city where you know they will have an enjoyable time along with the family members.

Costume party

If your child isn’t an outdoor person than having a traditional birthday party is all right but why not gives it a twist. Wear costumes of your son’s favourite character or movie. If that’s not easy to know then ask everyone to come wearing a festive outfit that reflects a happy atmosphere at home.

Do a yearly review

This may seem a little unorthodox but conduct an annual interview with your son. Ask him what he has learnt this past year and what his best and worst moments were. Talk about his most embarrassing moments and for giggles, get out the photos you have taken from the past year. At the end, tell him all the wonderful things you love about him or some of your favourite memories from the past year with him too.

Take identical pictures

This activity can become part of every birthday, not just for one specific date. Take your child’s picture in a particular pose or with the same background every year for added effect. You can even include all the family members if you want with everyone doing a specific action. Gradually, collect all the photos and convert them into a collage, or even get them framed so they will have something to cherish for a lifetime.

They call all the shots

Go a step further and give your son the right to decide how he will spend his special day. Let him choose which activities to do, when to do them and what to eat, from breakfast to supper. Nothing will make him feel more special than knowing that he can do whatever takes his fancy for one whole day!

In conclusion, with a few simple ideas, you can completely transform the way you celebrate birthdays within your family. You may add more thoughts to this, but hopefully, this comprehensive list of activities will ensure your child doesn’t just have an enjoyable day, but a memorable one too.

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