11 Different Styles of Exterior Shutters For Your Home

If you plan to carry out a home improvement project soon, there are many ideas to choose. Now that your home is the most precious investment you have in life, you should always be on the lookout for such ideas to make it great. Installing exterior shutters might not be top on your list of home improvement ideas but it should. It is a fun and functional idea that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also enhances security during stormy weather. While window shutters were only common in tropical areas, home designers now recommend these fixtures for every home. If you decide to install shutters in your home, you need to have all the information you can get about them. This article covers the benefits of window shutters and different styles available in the market. Keep reading.

Exterior shutters play various roles in your home including. Check out here why you should install shutters at your home:

  1. Enhancing privacy: Well-designed shutters will let in air and light while still protecting the house occupants from prying eyes.
  2. Natural ventilation: Window shutters allow free flow of air during hot days which improves the indoor air quality and reduces the cost of ventilation.
  3. Improved protection: During storms, debris and other items can lead to injuries if windows are open. Shutters protect against such weather and keep the windows intact.
  4. Aesthetics: If you want to spruce up your property, outdoor shutters will do the purpose. You can choose colors that blend or contrast to bring out the desired aesthetic effect.
  5. Increased home value: Home buyers look for home improvements such as shutters because they show the homeowner cares for the property.

You can choose functional or non-functional window shutters to suit your home improvement idea. The best of these shutters have a multi-purpose role including aesthetics and protection.

The popularity of shutters has seen the emergence of innovative profiles in addition to the more classic styles. Below are some of the shutter styles you should consider for your home:

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are among the most popular in the market. They have angled slats allowing air and light to pass through for natural lighting and ventilation. The wood slats overlap each other and their classic design adds an old country home-look to your property. They work best for ventilation and privacy in homes and you can decide on what you want by going for fixed and operable louvers. They work in ornate, classical or casual styled homes including Victorian, Italianate, Federal and Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, Greek Revival homes and Ranch homes.

Board and Batten (BnB) Shutters

When shopping for exterior shutters, you will most likely come across Board and batten shutters first. They are beautiful and have an Old World and rustic character giving your home a unique look. Their simple construction consists of a series of wooden boards bound together through a series of battens and crosspieces that extend over the boards. They work well with different architectural styles including the Mediterranean, Cape Cod/Ranch, and French Country.

Bahama/ Bermuda Shutters

Bahama shutters or Bermuda shutters are unique in their design and installation. They conjure the style of beach homes and tropical living styles. Over the years, they have become one of the most popular shutter profiles as they offer protection against direct sunlight common in tropical areas while also allowing in the breeze. They feature top hinges for installation and operation thus standing in stark contrast to other side-hinged styles. You can choose from among aluminum, wood and composite materials for your Bahama shutters.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters share their styling from cabinets and doors. They have a low profile which makes them easy to blend with any home style. These shutters create formal yet inviting country-garden style. You can opt for a dark color for the panels to get a contrast with the window panels. You can use raised panel shutters for different home styles including Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, Ranch, French Country and Greek revival among others.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters remain one of the most popular shutters styles for the outdoors. They are both aesthetic and functional and give your property a laid-back Southern look. Their construction entails wide louvers or angled slats which allow light to come through while also protecting against freak weather.

Scandinavian Shutters

The Scandinavian shutters feature board and batten shutter design combined with a series of cutouts and bright color designs. They are mostly functional to protect against difficult weather conditions. They are solid, thicker and sturdier than ordinary shutters and their bright colors make them popular in the snowy Alpine regions.

Cut-Out Design Shutters

You can also use some creativity to customize your shutters through the cut-out designs. Some common shapes used for these outdoor shutters include Ships, stars, and geometric shapes.

Mission Style / Craftsman Style Shutters

This shutter style borrows inspiration from the classic Arts & Crafts movement which emphasized geometric simplicity and clean lines.

Combination Shutter Styles

Home designers are now using a mix of two or more shutter styles for more aesthetic appeal and improved functionality. The idea is to get the best of both worlds by combining a louvered, raised-panel, cut-out combo shutters. If you are after a custom look for your home, you can now go ahead and combine different shutter style to achieve the desired impact. Combination shutter styles help you achieve a one-of-a-kind style that reflects your tastes, style and personality.

Shaker Shutter Style

The shaker shutter looks similar to a raised panel but has a flat body. The flat body gas recessed indentations for added aesthetics, and these shutters work best for privacy and protection.

Accordion Shutters

While most shutters have a single panel, you can go for folding shutters for a large window. Such shutters give the impression of an accordion hence the name.

There are many other considerations when choosing exterior shutters; you have to consider the type of material (wood, engineered wood, laminate, metal, PVC or foam synthetic) size/window coverage, shutter shapes and shutter frame styles. Whatever you do, make sure the shutters you choose to suit your home’s needs.

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