Wedding traditions are gradually changing, which is impossible not to rejoice because now it is not just a ceremony but a manifestation of love, friendship, and human relationships between both newly brides and their friends. For this reason, the friends of both bride and groom often prepare for them a celebration. 

If you want to make a great hen-party for your friend, but don’t have any ideas, here they are:

1. Picnic

Let’s start with something you can organize in the warm season. A fun picnic in the park or outdoor party is a great option for those who like being in nature. Dress up in summer dresses, take your camera, blankets, and champagne with food in wicker baskets. When planning your menu, take foods that will not “float” in the heat. It is recommended to choose fruits and berries, vegetables, hard cheese, sandwiches without mayonnaise, cookies, cakes without chocolate and cream.

2. Rooftop party

This is a chic idea for a city bachelorette party before a wedding in the summer. Just imagine a pink sunset, cold drinks in glasses, groovy music, and the whole city in front of you! Of course, you should not forget about the safety rules. You need to organize a party only on those roofs where it is allowed and choose a roof restaurant.

3. Party around the swimming pool

A hen-party around the swimming pool is a great option for those who celebrate on those hottest summer days. You can spend the day with your friends swimming in the pool, sunbathing, eating fruit or cakes, and drinking tasty cocktails!

4. Skydiving

If you and your friend like extreme, skydiving can give you a lot of positive emotions and make this day unforgivable. It is important to discuss this option for a hen-party with everyone and make that all guests are ready to join you.

5. Amusement park

A bachelorette party idea that many people forget about is a trip to a local amusement park. Everyone likes to ride the carousel, eat cotton candy and look at each other in distorting mirrors. Guests who like extreme may choose roller coasters and other crazy attractions. 

6. Eco-friendly party

Are you and your friend sorting trash, asking for a takeaway coffee in your mug, and cutting back on consumption? Then you can organize an eco-friendly bachelorette that will benefit nature. For example, clean up the nearest park or the lakeshore, and present the bride a pack of eco-friendly presents like reusable mug or cosmetics.

7. A dream on a summer night

You can organize and invite your bride to a fairy tale that is full of fantasies! Let the decorators create a magical forest with twinkling lanterns, exotic flowers, and magical trees. Guests can dress up as fairies, elves, or whatever mythical creatures they like. You may invite a bridal photographer to take photos of your fairy tale. 

8. SPA party

Before the wedding, every bride needs to relax to look better, feel fresh, and full of energy. In the process of organizing a wedding, each bride has to perform many tasks, losing a lot of energy. A bachelorette party is a great option to let the bride relax and improve her emotional state. 

9. Travel to another country

If possible, you can organize a journey abroad. For your travel, you can choose Paris, Italy, or another romantic country. If you cannot make a trip abroad, you can choose another city with a romantic atmosphere in your country. Even small trips will remain in your heart for life.

10. Yacht trip

Another great idea for a bachelorette party is to arrange a yacht trip. Just make sure that the invitees do not have seasickness, otherwise, the event will turn into torment for them.

11. Pajama party

You can rent a room in a beautiful hotel and invite your friends for a pajama party with champagne and delicious snacks. There you can listen to music, watch a movie, and just have a good time together!

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