10 ways to accessorize your outfits with style and charm

Accessories have a key role in adding style and charm to an outfit. Especially with the latest fashion trends shifting towards minimalist and elegant clothing, accessories have become more important than ever in giving a more finished and more personalized overall look. By adding a few accessories, one can easily turn a simple outfit into a chic one. Accessorizing correctly is an art. It may come naturally to some people while others may find it difficult to decide what kind of accessories should be paired with what kind of outfits. In this article below, we have listed down 10 easy ways to accessorize your outfits with style and charm.

  1. Add some scarves

Scarves are one of the latest trending and handy accessories. Whether you are a teenager or middle-aged women, you will always find some scarves in your wardrobe that you can utilize in interesting ways. Do not just limit your scarves to your neck. Try to incorporate them in unexpected ways in your dressing such as tie them on your bag, wear them in the wrist or use them to replace your hair band. For example, a classic black bag will look more trendy with a colorful floral scarf or a white outfit will be spiced up by a vibrant color scarf on the wrist. In addition to using scarves in these different ways, they can also always be used classically on the neck.

  1. Pick up a bold color with your neutral ones

The most important parting of styling understands color matches. If you are wearing an outfit in white, black or any other neutral color, you will find that accessories in bold colors such as yellow, orange, pink or blue will look more coordinated and stylish with it. For example, you can add more statement to your black dress with a pair of Blitzen pumps and a gold or crystal necklace. Coordinating the right colored accessories with your outfits can make them look more expensive and chic.

  1. Be minimalist when wearing statement jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless accessory to add more life to your outfit. The best way to add jewelry to your outfit is to go for a powerful, attention-grabbing a piece that makes a statement about your personality. The best part about such an accessory is that it will stand on its own. Find a high-class piece of jewelry that will add sparkle to your look.

  1. Sling a bag

Nowadays, people especially students and office workers have at least one electronic gadget to carry around and therefore, having a bag becomes absolutely inevitable. Make your outfits more practical and stylish at the same time by carrying a sling bag. Sling bags for women can be carried by both men and women and can make you rock a regular outfit giving it a more practical yet trendy look. Sling bags especially look cuter with summer dresses and sandals. However, do not try to wear them on formal events, weddings or dinners.

  1. Do not match everything

Another important rule of styling and color coordination is creating a balance between tones. According to the latest fashion trends, the color of your bag should not be necessarily coordinated with the color of your shoes. Instead, different colored shoes and bags can bring a fresher and modern look. For example, carrying a bright colored bag with normal or nude-toned shoes is totally fine. Similarly, a plum-colored clutch with black colored heels is completely okay and in fact, more trendy.

  1. Do not let your outfit and jewelry contradict

Do not ever let your jewelry and outfit overlap or contradict one another. Learn to exercise a little bit of restraint when matching your accessories with your outfits.  For example, if you are wearing a shirt with a busy top, go for a plain scarf and fewer accessories around your neck or ears. You obviously do not want to end up looking like a messy kid. Just try to balance things out.

  1. Adding handbags and clutches

Add a handbag or a clutch to upgrade and add style to your outfit with the least possible effort. However, clutches and handbags should be carried as per the occasion. For example, a clutch is more appropriate for a semi-formal meeting or outing whereas, a box bag or top-handle is more appropriate for a standard evening meeting.

  1. Go bold with the belt

Belts are not new in fashion. Try to style with belts in different ways with your outfits. For example, a wide belt over a flowy dress will look completely chic. Similarly, a bright colored belt with a black dress will effortlessly add more style and elegance to your overall look. Belts are also a great way to emphasize curves and body figure.

  1. Cover them wrists

Never leave your wrists naked. There are so many options in accessories to cover your wrists such as scarves, bracelets or a wristwatch. A good timepiece will always add grace to your look. This timepiece can also be your statement accessory. Layered up bracelets or stacked bangles with western wear are a hot trend this summers.


  1. Cover with a jacket

Jackets add a truly chic look to any outfit. Pair them with your casual white shirts and blue jeans, wear them over your skirts or jumpsuits. Invest in both casual and formal short jackets and wear them to both your semiformal and casual clothes. There are many types of jackets to choose from including bomber jackets, denim jackets, biker jackets, hooded jackets, etc.


Accessories add a lot of variety to your basic wardrobe. You can achieve multiple looks by using the right accessories with a limited number of clothes. The key rule to remember when accessorizing is to either create a balance between colors or tones or let them create a loud statement. Follow some of the above mentioned simple style tips and let your outfit speak for yourself.

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