10 Tips Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle

10 Tips: Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Being active physically is important for your health and overall wellbeing. Indulging in some form of physical activity is important to keep your body weight in check and remaining fit. But most people tend to ignore their physical health. If you eat unhealthy food and don’t follow any diets, you will feel tired and weak all day.

You will have no energy to do other things, and you won’t feel like getting out of bed. It can affect your life too because when you are not physically active, you make yourself more prone to chronic disease. One of the best ways to remain active is by eating healthy foods. When we eat healthy things, it shows, and we have more energy to do things best nutritionist in mumbai. But when we eat junk food, it shows. It makes us lethargic and lazy, we don’t feel energized to do anything, and it also makes our body more susceptible to common diseases like cold and fever.

But how do you stay active by eating healthy? Well, the following the following tips can help you:

Include a variety of foods in your diet

If we want an active lifestyle and good health, we need to intake 40 nutrients. No single food is capable of providing all these nutrients. That is why we need to maintain a diet in which we eat a variety of food, only then we can gain the benefits of all nutrients.

Also, you cannot include all nutrients in one single meal, to make a change; you have to maintain a balanced diet. Like if you are eating lunch that is rich in protein and carbs, balance it with a dinner which is low on carbs and proteins and richer in fat.

Say bye-bye to added sugar

Added sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain and laziness in people. Too much sugar not only makes you more prone to diabetes but also makes you lethargic. That is why ditching food that is high in processed sugar like baked items, sodas, candy, and so on is best.

If you love sweets, eat them in moderation or try homemade sweets or eat desserts which use organic sweeteners. Note: some organic sweeteners too are high in sugar, so make sure to read the ingredients.

Eat healthy fats

Fat is bad for health as it increases weight and decreases your energy levels. But that is true only for unhealthy fat. Healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocados are great for reaching your weight goals and staying healthy. Also, they minimize your cravings so you can don’t binge eat.

Include at least one food rich in carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are good for maintaining an active lifestyle and at least one food item in your diet must have carbohydrates.

Include either rice, pasta, whole grain bread or other rich carbs in your food.

Maintain a diet planner

One of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle through healthy eating is by tracking your food intake. Make a planner or maintain one digitally and keep track of everything that you eat the whole day. Write the calorie intake and the amount and variety of nutrients you ate. It will help you realize how much you have to increase or decrease a food item from your diet.

Eat lots of fruits

Fruits are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. That is why eat a lot of fruits throughout the day. Eat a variety of fruits, and if you feel like drinking juice, make it fresh, and don’t add any extra sugar.

Reduce salt intake

When you eat too much salt, it increases your blood pressure, and your chances of getting cardiovascular disease become high. It is extremely important to eat less salt. You can do this by:

Buying a salt with less sodium or by adding other spices to your food, so that, it balances the reduced salt amount.

Eat regularly

Don’t skip meals especially breakfast, as it makes you extremely hungry, and then you eat things that are not healthy. Instead, eat often, but in small size. Snacking is a great way to control hunger, but eating a healthy snack like yogurt or nuts. Don’t fill your stomach with snacks only.

Increase your fluid intake

Drink lots of water as dehydration can make us lethargic. Also, drink fruit and veggies juice from time to time.

Walk or exercise

Other than food, physical activity is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, go on a walk or go to the gym or practice yoga at home. Indulge in any form of exercise that helps you move and do physical things. It will help you remain healthy and fit.

Prioritize your health above all and pledge to indulge in at least one physical activity a day. It will not only fill you with energy, but also keep you fit, healthy and less prone to chronic diseases.


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