10 Things You Need to Know About Physical Therapy

We all know about the benefits of physical therapy but some hidden facts are still unknown to you. All body pain can be healed by physical therapy and it also gives you instant relief. Physical therapy is proving to be the best natural treatment for your body pain. Let me first describe to you, what is a physical therapist.

What is a Physical Therapist?

According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a physical therapist is an expert and licensed medical professional, who contains relevant experience in diagnosing physical abnormalities, altering physical capacity and movement, sustaining physical function, and advancing physical activity and proper function.

Benefits of physical therapy

●Pain management with reduced need for opioids
●Avoiding surgery
●Improved mobility and movement
●Recovery from injury or trauma
●Recovery from stroke or paralysis
●Fall prevention
●Improved balance
●Management of age-related medical problems

Physical Therapists will make you undergo a full evaluation of your body and then will provide you with the best-suited treatment according to your injury. As I told you still there are some things that you need to know about Physical Therapy, so, here we are to share with you the things that you didn’t know about Physical Therapy.

Here are the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapy

Don’t Skip your home-exercise program

Home exercise is very important and when your physical therapists assigning home exercise that means, it contains the best benefits. It should be compulsory for you to follow these exercises to get the finest outcomes and if not followed after the therapy or after you discharged then it might cause you more problems. If you don’t want to visit your therapist again and again then home exercise proves to be the premium solution for you.

Pain-Free Treatment

We have all heard this saying – “No Pain, No Gain” but somewhat this proves to be untrue in the case of physical therapy. There are few diagnoses where you need to go through a lot of pain such as knee replacement or frozen shoulder. But most of the physical therapy involves a relatively pain-free treatment process. For treating low back pain or an overuse injury in a tendon then you need to keep yourself away from certain movements or positions that can provoke the condition.

The physical therapist massage is different

By hearing the name “Massage”, we all imagining about the massage that we get in Spa but physical therapy massage is a little different. Physical therapists perform massage to decrease tightness and tone and to improve tissue mobility of the muscle so it is opposite of what you have seen in Spa.

So, next time when you visit a physical therapy clinic and they tell you about massage make sure you are ready for a thrilling experience.

Never Say that Exercise is easy

Never express your feelings regarding any exercise to your physical therapists, if you tell him that the exercise is easy, he will make it harder. Never express to your physical therapists that you can’t do the exercise, he will make sure that you do that anyhow. Always go for a professional and experienced physical therapist, who will provide you with the finest massage therapy that you are always looking for.

Physical therapists alone will not help you

We all know the benefits of physical therapists, but alone physical therapy will not cure your symptoms. There is no magic in physical therapists that can along give relief to the patient. You need to properly sink with the therapists to make the perfect treatment plan to witness the progress. So, make sure you choose professional physical therapy so that you can easily sink with them and get the best treatment in return.

Visit your doctor first

There are so many states, where you are being evaluated by physical therapists without seeing your doctor first. This practice is growing rapidly as you require an advanced degree to become a physical therapist. But still, there are some states where you first need to visit your doctor and based on doctor’s prescription, you will be treated by a physical therapist.

Physical therapists can treat vertigo

Very few of you know this, but a physical therapist can cure vertigo. It occurs when you confront very fleeting bouts of dizziness with differences in position or movement of the head, which is the usual frequent cause of dizziness. It is a dysfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear. You can easily cure this by just visiting your physical therapists for only one session.

Types of physical therapists

Apart from working in different settings. There are also different types of physical therapists, which includes orthopedic, acute care, post-operative care, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab, lymphedema management, wound care, and neurological rehabilitation.

Can work on a variety of settings

We know about physical therapy that cures body pain, but it is not true. It can work in a variety of settings. This includes hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practices, home health agencies, schools, nursing homes, the Emergency Room. and much more.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you got to learn many things from this article. Whether it is the treatment of vertigo or visiting your doctor, make sure you keep every single thing in your mind to bring out the finest outcomes. You need to perform all your home exercises regularly suggested by your therapists to get sufficient progress from your symptoms or injury.

Physical therapy is a pain-free and natural process, some treatment gives you pain apart from that all the treatment is pain-free. The above-listed information and things that you don’t know about physical therapy will help you in the future. You need to work by cooperating with your therapist to witness some good progress in your treatment.

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