10+ Stunning Perennial Flower for your Garden

Flowers are the only thing in this world that has unconditional beauty. There are flowers that need tremendous care before they bloom to their full size. There are other flowers too, that needs only one time investment and then they grow for years without care. Here are 10 stunning perennial flowers that might light up your gorgeous garden.


1) Blanket Flower


This 3 inch wide and 2 feet tall daisy like flowers are best known for their long blossoming period. These are double perennial flowers that grow in the summer and fall of the same year. Blanket flowers are available even in the drought-prone areas. Places where the sun’s heat is intolerable are also favorable for this flower. They are available in three vibrant colors of wine red, orange and yellow.


2) Asters


Asters comes from the root word ‘star’. These are double perennial flowers that bloom between late spring and early fall. It exists in stringent colors of white, blue, red, and pink, mixed colors of crimson and red are also available. These flowers need full sunshine. They do not bloom rain prone areas. Among its category, Monch and Wonder of Staffs are recommendable. Asters are of very tiny to moderate height. Aster is a such a beautiful gift for our friends.Send flowers online from our local florist.


3) Garden Phlox


This flower blooms its fullest between July and September. The perennial flower contains five flat-like petals. This kind of flower has several varieties. White and Red are two solid colors. Garden phlox are also available in bi-color of pink rose and lavender. Clumps of various colors of this flower are very unique gift as well.


4) Cone flower


Attracting melodious song birds is an important feature of this flower. This flower is often mistaken as a daisy because of its wide range of colors. This flower grows at a max height of 5 feet. Red, white and pink are the most available color of this flower. Cone flowers are abundant in drought tolerant areas. Hence, they are perfect cut flowers as well. The favorable timing of this flower is midsummer to early fall.


5) Peonis


This is the best perennial flower in this world. In full on spring, your garden will have flashing clumps of red and yellow peonies. These are very famous cut and bouquet flowers. Besides having stunning colors, it has a sweet fragrance that fills its harvesting place. The peonies grow from 1-8 feet. Preferring a full of sunny atmosphere, peonies are of different species. Among those, some live for even 100 years.


6) Sea Holly


This perennial flower is a favorite pick up for bouquets. It is famous for its silvery blue bracts. This summer to fall blooming flowers is pure attraction to one’s garden. Besides, their beauty attracts butterflies and, helpful insects as well. This flower very much resembles the image of thistles. The average height of this flower is 1-3 feet.


7) Stonecrop


This flower is a small star alike. It blooms at the upright branched stems of the tree. Besides being famous as ‘stone crop’, it is also famous as ‘orpine’ or ‘live forever’. This flower grows at a small height of max two feet. Reddish purple to pink are the shades in which this flower is available. The best time to harvest stone crop in one’s garden is late summer. The flowers keep on blooming till mid fall.


8) Yarrow


This flower falls in the category of the perennial wild flowers. These are small, hardy flowers bloomed in a tight cluster of many. These flowers are summertime favorites and need a full sun. From mustard yellow to pink red, yarrow is available in a variety of shades. It is available in a little small height of three feet.


9) Tickseed


This perennial flower is the easiest harvest category of flower. All it needs is a full sunlight and it grows anywhere, in any climate. The main time for this flower to blossom is midsummer to fall. Tick seed is well known for its long lasting blooming period. It is a bi-color flower available in the contrast of brown center and yellow border. This flower exists also in a contrast of pink and orange. It attracts butterflies and song birds to your garden. That result to the increase of the beauty of your garden.


10) Gaura


This is a stylish flower. It resembles a cluster of butterflies sitting on the top spikes. This flower is available mostly in the combination of white and another mild color. This flower lasts longer than the other famous perennial flowers. This flower has a common name in North America. There, it is well known as ‘Whirling Butterflies’. Gaura invites butterflies and insects helping in fertilization of the flower as well.


11) Bleeding Heart


This famous cut flower has its name according to its outlook. This flower has an exact shape of a heart. It is available in hues of pink, white and yellow. This flower blooms in late spring and in early summer. It grows even in a partial sunshine. Because of its attractive shape, it brings immediate attention to the garden as well. This flower grows in a moderate height of 4 feet.


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